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Dr. Paresh Patel

Loose Dentures or Missing Teeth?

Why are you not considering Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implants securely hold dentures or a set of fixed teeth in place with a ball and ring attachment.
  • Minimal surgery = Less invasive !
  • Less healing time than before.
  • Affordable.  Dental Implants start at around $1000 – $1500.
  • Immediate results. Dental Implants allow for fixed crowns or bridges.

Loose dentures?
Missing one or more teeth?
Why are you not considering dental implants?

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What is the most effective use of the dental implant?
The most effective use of this unique dental product is stabilization of a lower denture. There are approximately 50,000,000 people in the United States who are “edentulous” (literally meaning lacking teeth) who struggle daily with dentures. A majority suffer a great deal of discomfort as a result of lose or ill-fitting dentures. Many denture wearers simply withdraw from any type of social engagement as a result of being compelled to wear them. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for family members to complain about a denture wearer’s disagreeable breath as a result of food being trapped and decaying under their denture prosthesis. Successful placement of the Mini Dental Implant addresses and solves all of these social and practical problems. Denture patients all over the world have experienced relief from loose or ill-fitting dentures from doctors who are trained to place the MDI. Uniquely, the MDI can be utilized to stabilize a denture in a couple of hours by a trained doctor, with the patient leaving the clinic with a stabilized prosthesis.


Simple and affordable
Millions of Americans suffer from loose fitting dentures or missing teeth. Many people are unable to eat the foods they love because their dentures move around when they try to eat. Are you someone that avoids certain social situations or certain foods because you are afraid that your dentures will move around or even pop out? There is a revolutionary denture technique that may be able to help you. It is called Dental Implants. Now you may be saying I have heard about implants and they are terribly expensive. That can be true with traditional implant techniques, but the design of the Modern Dental Implants allows these implants to be placed easily, simply.