Missing 1 or More of Your Teeth?

Why are you not considering Dental Implants?

  • Dental Implants securely replace 1 or more missing teeth
  • A Great Alternative to Dentures or Partials
  • Affordable.  Dental Implants start at around $1100 – $1500.
  • Long Lasting Results

Afraid to Smile?
Missing one or more teeth?
Unable to Chew the Foods You Like?

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1 Doctor ~ 1 Office ~ 1 Implant Fee


What is the most effective use of the dental implant?
Dental implants can help replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth.   They can also help create ‘Snap in Dentures’ or even better  a set of Teeth that you do not REMOVE.  Using the latest in Digital Technology, Dr Paresh can help YOU discover the benefits of Implants.
Millions of Americans suffer from missing teeth. Many people are unable to eat the foods they love.   Now you may be saying I have heard about implants and they are  expensive.  Our approach is simple:
1 Office
1 Doctor
1 Fee
Everything is done under one roof.  Dr Paresh will handle it all.  From the no cost Consultation to the Surgery of placing the Dental Implant to your final post and Crown, or Full Set of Fixed Teeth.  You will not be referred to another Provider or multiple Offices.  Come see one of the most experienced Implant Dentists in the Charlotte Area, Dr Paresh.