Benefits of Dental Implants….

· 1 Doctor 1 Office 1 Fee – Surgery to Final Crowns All Done by Dr Paresh

· Cost Effective

· ‘Snap-in’ Dentures or A Full Set of Fixed Teeth

· Anchors for Dentures or Crowns and Bridges

· Preserves bone

Why Dental Implants?

Dental Implants have a wide variety of uses.  From a simple solution such as replacing a missing tooth to complex full mouth reconstruction over implants.  I think in a matter of time implant dentistry will become everyday dentistry.  As routine as getting a filling.

Minis lowers

 Dental Implants in the lower jaw.  With 4  dental implants in place you can secure a lower denture.  Even with a thin ridge most of the time these can be placed without cutting the gum.  If the gum is not cut then no blood supply to the bone is disrupted.  The bone heals faster around the dental implants allowing the patient to function with a implant retained denture immediately.


Dental Implants to replace a few missing teeth with a crown

Single tooth

Here dental implants were placed to support 2 premolar crowns.  They are the two teeth in the middle of the picture behind the large canine tooth.  The last tooth in the picture is a crown on a natural molar.

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