Mini Implants ~ Traditional Implants ~ Extractions ~ Crowns & Bridges

Mini Dental Implants Case presentation of the week – Here is a patient that was referred to our office by another patient that we placed mini dental implants and restored the minis with crowns.

He had ALOT of needs.  But as with most things we see, I had some ideas and the patient had their own set of ideas.  With ample discussion and informed consent he decided to have a few extractions and some mini implants to support fixed crowns and bridges. 

X00601 Pre Operative Pan Xray

Doug Turner 001 Doug Turner 004 Root tips on lower left and Root tip Upper extracted today

 Mini Implants in place  

Doug Turner 007 Doug Turner 009 Doug Turner 014

X-ray of mini dental implants in extraction site and traditional implant immediate placement upper

X00601_1 X00601_2 X00601_3