Expand the Bone or not to Expand the bone? That is the question

Mini Dental Implants for Single Crown


Our patient today, as it seems like most these days…seem to know WAY more about implant placement than I would have ever thought.

Charlotte had braces years ago and was going to get an implant to replace her missing lower premolar tooth.  X00299 As we all know, life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you and she never got the implant and crown.  Over that period of time the molar tipped forward a bit into the space. 

More importantly the width of the missing tooth area collapsed (cheek to tongue distance).  Charlotte had already did her research on bone splitting and bone block grafting as an option to place a traditional implant.  She decided to consider getting a mini implant as an alternative to those procedures and have a PFM crown placed as the final restoration. 

We talked about her options and she elected to have the mini implant placed.  SC Ridge Collapse Mini Dental Implant placed in thin ridge

SC Side View
 With Charlotte's permission guiding planes were made on the two adjacent teeth.  This also helped to upright the tipped molar for a better contact area for the PFM mini implant crown. 

X-ray mini implantIntra Lock MDI 2.0 x 10mm in place and above the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal

I will continue the post with pictures of the Mini Implant Crown in place.

The impression of the mini dental implant was sent to First Impressions Dental Lab for the fixed crown.  Mini Dental Implant Lab