Mini Dental Implant Bridge – Part II

Ok..after a few weeks of procrastination I have finally got the pictures off the digital camera and am ready to share the initial results of the Ken Clifford Fixed Mini Implant Bridge.

To read Part I scroll down in the main blog to the Ken Clifford Bridge Post.

To clarify, the acrylic bridge is totally mini implant supported; it is not tissue supported.  Every effort has been made to keep the bridge at least 1mm off the tissue to allow my patient to use a water pick to flush out any food that gets under the pink acrylic. 

IMG_7463 Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7465 Lingual view Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7468 Space under Acrylic Ken Clifford BridgeIMG_7462
IMG_7472 Underside of Acrylic Fixed Hybrid Clifford Bridge

The acrylic bridge cemented in place. 2 week post op picture.  The patient has been keeping the acrylic mini implant bridge clean with a water pick and a electric toothbrush.  I will continue to take clinical photos at the 6 month recare appointments and will share how the bridge functions, looks, gum health, and implant stability. 

IMG_7482 IMG_7488 2 weeks post insertion

Mini Dental Implant Upper and Lower Dentures made by First Impressions Dental Lab.  Mini Dental Implant Lab