Mini Dental Implants Upper Fixed Denture~Bridge

Our next patient came to see us because she had some lower minis placed.   She could not stop talking about how she was now able to actually wear her lower denture and chew.  Wonderful….so what could I do to help her? 

I did notice that the entire time she was in the dental chair talking she kept gagging and several times her eyes watered up like she was getting ready to vomit.  Hopefully I was not that hard on her eyes that the thought of looking at me would make someone want to hurl…..

But after some questioning it was discovered that her upper denture just made her want to gag….no matter how many she had made, how much of the denture was cut back she just could not tolerate the buildup of saliva. 

She had seen a patient of mine that had mini dental implants and a fixed hybrid bridge (a set of teeth over a cast metal bar that is not removable by the patient.  It is cemented over the mini dental implants). 

Her words to me were "I'm confused; I want that fixed set of upper teeth not that fixed hybrid car thing you were talking about."  So I guess I did a poor job taking mumbo jumbo dental talk into usable ideas for my patient.  From now on I am going to start calling the fixed hybrid bridge what it really is:  fixed teeth for people who have no existing teeth. 

Fixed Hybrid Mini Prius

The total cost for the mini dental implants and fixed tooth bridge allowed her to move forward with dental treatment.  The other options she had been give prior would just not fit into her budget.

Intra Lock 2.5 x 13mm mini dental implants were used in this case.  4 were placed on each side for a total of 8 minis to support a fixed set of teeth.

Mini Dental Implant Fixed Hybrid

Photo day of mini dental implant placement….notice lack of bleeding and no gum had to be cut.

I will update the post with the metal frame, and try in photos in a few week.