Mini Dental Implants for Back Jaw Teeth Crowns

Our next patient came to us seeking an alternative to the treatment options that were given to him:

1.  A set of removable partials

2.  Bone expansion or bone grafts a then traditional or conventional size dental implants.

I told him that those were both great options and at our office I would include a option #3 of some mini dental implants and fixed crowns. 

Before Mini Implants 

Before Mini Dental Implants

Before minis right

Before Mini Implants Right

Before minis left

Before Mini Implant Left


X-rays and study impressions were taken to see if I could place some mini implants to hold in a few crowns.  All looked possible and a phased treatment plan was made.  The patient wanted to start with a single molar on his right side, and a premolar to fill in the missing teeth on both left and right sides. 

As he could afford it additional mini dental implants would be placed to replace the missing molars and other teeth on the top and bottom. 

As usual for me two mini implants were placed to support a molar sized crown and a single mini was placed to support a premolar sized crown.  If I could have placed additional minis in the premolar area I would have – I make it a standard at my office to price the case and not by number of implants placed. 

Minis Rt side
 Mini Dental Implants Right side lower jaw






Mini left side


Mini Dental Implants left side lower jaw




Pan minis

A standard PVS impression was taken and sent to First Impressions Dental Lab in Lenoir NC.  3 PFM crowns were made and cemented with self cure resin cement.

Mini implant molar crown  
Molar Mini Dental Implant Crown far left ~ crown on a natural tooth in the middle ~ Premolar Mini Dental Implant Crown on right ~ natural canine tooth far right






Mini implant premolar crown


Premolar crown on a mini dental implant lower left jaw






Paresh B Patel DDS

Mini Dental Implants

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