Mini Dental Implants – Small Diameter Implants Training Seminar & Education Lecture

Todd E. Shatkin DDS & Paresh B Patel DDS will teach in Dr. Shatkin's 1 and 2 day seminars on Nov 5th 2010 in Baltimore, MD and Dec 3rd in Pittsburg, PA: Mdbaltharbor

mini-implant placement and case selection

treatment planning and case selection

one stage denture stabilization; immediate implants and crowns

full arch reconstruction with mini implants

handling bruxism; handling thin and atrophic ridges.

Mini dental implants, with their minimally invasive nature, provide less risk to patients. The lower cost of mini dental implants are readily accepted by patients. Mini dental implants are easily placed by general dentists and are a true service to your patients.

Register today at 1-888-4-SHATKIN, ext 121 (1-888-474-2854).  7 hours of AGD approved Dental CE (Continuing Education) Credits will be given. 

Todd E Shatkin DDS – President International Academy of Mini Dental Implants

Paresh B Patel DDS – Mastership in Academy of Mini Dental Implants Dentist Mooresville NC

Paresh B Patel is a General Dentist who places mini dental implants to replace dentures and missing teeth.