Mini Dental Implant Bridge ~ Similar Results as a traditional implant ~ Tremendous saving in cost

As promised here are the pictures of the fixed cement hybrid bridge (denture teeth with a metal frame that fits over the mini dental implants). 

Mini Implant Hybrid Bridge

Denture tooth bridge with a cast metal frame that will be cemented over the 9 mini dental implants 

Mini Implant Bridge Palate 

View of upper fixed hybrid cemented in place to show horseshoe shape and no coverage in the roof of the mouth.

Mini Implant Bridge Facial Space to clean

There is a 1mm space around the pink acrylic to clean under the teeth with a waterpick and sonicare toothbrush. 

  You can scroll down to the OCO Biomedical i-mini i-micro post to review the original case before the mini dental implants were placed. 

Nine mini dental implants were used in the upper jaw to hold in 12 teeth. 

Paresh B Patel  Dentist Mooresville NC

mini dental implants