Mini Dental Implant Upper Denture Tooth Bridge

Part II of the fixed hybrid bridge post.  You can scroll down 1/2 into the web page to see the complete case…

This is the finished product for our patient that came in just gagging on her upper denture.  She wanted to have a solution that would allow her to have the roof of mouth not covered with plastic. Cost was certainly a factor.  We offered the solution of 4 to 6 locator's implants and a removable over-denture without a palate.  I like to place 6 on the upper arch to withstand the lateral stress if we plan to remove the palate in the denture.  This certainly would have been the most elegant solution (easy to keep clean and offers a tremendous amount of retention)but was declined. 

I put in 8 mini dental implants to support a metal frame (not a tissue supported upper denture).  This metal frame would hold and support her new set of teeth made out of acrylic and denture teeth (a fixed hybrid solution).  Since there are no two piece mini dental implants (a diameter of less than 3.0mm) we can either cement the teeth over the mini dental implants or we can incorporate a teflon keeper that is processed into the metal acrylic base.  Shatkin First has this option if you need further information. 

Mini Dental Implant Fixed Hybrid

 Mini Dental Implants in place

Cast metal frame with Preat E-Fiber underMetal Frame acrylic

 connecting both sides together.  I would have preferred to continue that cast framework from one side to the other…but to accommodate the patients bite and other request it did not work out.  So the solution to use the e-fiber was decided upon with patient approval.  For technical data on the e-fiber you can go to their website.  It is 10x more fatigue resistant than fibrekore and 2x as strong in flexural strength.  Occlusion is only on the posterior teeth with only light occlusal stops on the lingual of the anterior teeth.  This is done to provide the artificial dentition patientt anterior incisal clearance during all posterior masticatory function.  All four anterior teeth do touch the lower teeth during incising and protrusive function. 

No Palate

View of Fixed hybrid denture in place with no palate


Smile view of fixed hybrid denture in place


There is about a 1/2mm to 1mm of space to allow for floss and water pick to keep the fixed hybrid denture clean.  Lingual side has a tight fit against tissue. 

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