Mini Dental Implants to Secure a Lower Partial

The uses for a mini dental implant never stop amazing me.  Today we had a fella come in who had broken his lower little front tooth.  Broken lower front tooth


Clinical photo of the broken lower front tooth….it was broken below the level of the gum tissue.




So I decided to extract the root tip for him with some peritomes to save as much bone on the lip side as possible to hold our ?????  You guessed it, a mini dental implant.

Mini in place


Picture of extracted root tip and the Intra Lock MILO 3.0 x 15mm mini dental implant in the socket where the root was. 






 Housing check

Picture of the mini dental implant 'snap' in place over the o-ball.  This is what will fit inside his partial denture to hold this side of the lower partial. 




Impression cap


Picture of the impression metal cap fitted over the mini dental implant.  This will be picked up in our impression so the lab can place a replica of the implant before the pour the stone model.  Once that is done they can process the 'snap' under the replacement denture tooth. 





Impression of mini dental implant and partial to be sent to First Impressions Dental Lab to add a snap and a tooth. 






Final xray


Final x-ray of mini dental implant in place where the root tip was…day of placement. 











Our goal is to add a few more mini dental implants over time and then get rid of his lower partial denture for either a full set of fixed crowns or a secure lower denture.  At the end of the procedure our patient commented on how quick and painless the entire process had been.  It nice that such new products exist for us as dentists to offer such a non invasive, non surgical approach to dental implants.

Paresh B Patel DDS  mini dental implants 

Dentist Mooresville NC