Mini Dental Implants to replace a Missing Front Upper Tooth

Our next patient was missing one of his front teeth….well actually he is missing a few of his teeth.  However our plan is to replace these missing upper teeth with mini dental implants and crowns a few at a time as he can afford to do so. 

Missing teeth






He has an upper plastic partial denture plate.  We will remove the plastic denture teeth as the crowns and mini dental implants are added.

Minis in 2


Mini Dental Implants in place ready for impression to send to First Impressions Dental Lab for Porcelain Crowns.



Minis in


Mini Dental Implants Day of Placement…..notice no gum incision or bleeding in area of placement.  Minimal surgery for faster healing and less patient discomfort. 




Paresh B Patel DDS  Mini Dental Implants

Dentist Mooresville NC