Mini Dental Implants What would we do without them? Go around without teeth?

I guess I must be a pretty scary dude…                           . Dr patel

It seems like all the patients that need to come see the dentist wait until the very last minute to ask for help.  We really are not that bad here at Lake Norman Mini Dental Implant Center. 

My next patient had a Cone Beam 3D scan done in March of this year.  She had a failing root canal on one of her upper front teeth.  She must talk to some of my other patients because she had done the same thing as several others…..super-glued her post and crown in at least a dozen times.Images[5]  Should I just consider superglue to sell here at the office?


All kidding aside…I must say its pretty creative what patients will think up to solve their dental problems.  I know it takes a lot  of courage to come into the dental office.  Those patients who are deathly scared of us please know that we are here to help.  We will not judge.  We only offer solutions and a range of them to fit what your goals are. 

Clinical photo of the crown and post that the patient had super-glued back into place.  X-ray shows the failing post and crown. 






X00984 ICAT slice #7


On her 3D CBCT we can see the HUGE defect in the bone where the dental abscess is at the tip of the root canal tooth.

And this is from March…its now December…hopefully I could thread in a Intra Lock 2.0mm mini dental implant into the Palatal(roof of the mouth side) bone to hold a temporary crown.



I took the tooth out preserving as much of the bone as possible.  It was now time to try and get the Intra Lock Mini Dental Implant in.Defect w mini in place








The Intra Lock mini dental implant was rock stable (over 40ncm) and now we would pack the defect with some bone grafting material and a collagen membrane.  In a few months we should have good bone to work with.  My initial thoughts are that the mini is going to integrate(heal) into the bone.  If it does not we should have enough new bone to place a new mini implant.



Bone grafting material in place, mini dental implant in place and gum tissue closed up and ready for a temporary crown.











Temporary Crown made chairside over the mini dental implant.  This way the patient does not have to wear a flipper type of partial one tooth denture.





Final x-ray of the mini dental implant.  We will see how the bone fills in and what our next steps will be.  She will return after a few months to check the healing and treatment plan the final restoration.