OCO ISI Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Upper Molar Tooth

My patient came to see me because she was tired of her gum hurting when she would eat where she was missing her upper molar.Occlusal Pre OCO 5.0

Food would poke her in the gum and she was just unhappy.






Buccal Pre OCO 5.0

She also did not like when she smiled everyone seeing the empty space.





Pre PA


I had extracted the molar tooth about 5 months ago due to a failed Root Canal.  We packed the extraction socket with a bone grafting material so her own bone would fill in where the tooth roots used to be. As you can see on the x-ray it filled in very nicely.




OCO ISI 5.0 x 12mm


I explained to my patient her choices in implants…either two mini implants to support the molar size crown or one regular size implant.  It would cost a bit more to do the traditional implant but that is what she decided on after our treatment planning and consultation.  I measured the space and a OCO ISI One Piece Regular size implant would work just fine here.



With the OCO ISI dental implant system only 2 burs are necessary to place the implant.  Here we see the pilot bit with a drill stop to keep it from going any farther in the bone than we want.  Its right in line and we proceed to the next step.Slide9




OCO 5.0 parallel pin


The next size bit is used and a implant replica is placed to verify fit and angle.  All looks good so we gently rotate the OCO ISI one piece dental implant into the gum and bone.





Final OCO ISI 5.0


Clinical view of the OCO ISI 5.0mm implant in place ready for a traditional impression like you would have for a crown on a tooth.  Notice the lack of blood, stitches or any real trauma to the area.  With the OCO implant protocol it is very similar to the placement of a mini dental implant.  No flap of gum tissue is made.  It is one piece in design, so no extra parts and pieces for the dentist to buy. 

Final PA


Final x-ray of the OCO ISI 5.0 x 12mm dental implant in place. 

In the end a missing upper molar tooth can be replaced quite easily for both the dentist and patient with either:

A regular implant that is one piece in design or

A 2 mini dental implants to support the larger size crown.



The impression is off to First Impressions Dental Lab for them to make a Upper Molar Crown.


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