OCO TSI Dental Implant & ISI One Piece Dental Implant

If you have a missing tooth or several teeth, dental implants are an option you should consider.  A dental implant (mini or traditional) acts as the root of a tooth and allows the attachment of a fixed crown to chew and smile with.

Jerry B pre pan


Pan x-ray with missing premolar teeth in the upper and lower jaws



Missing 12 13 Clinical


The missing premolar teeth upper jaw







Missing 29

Missing premolar tooth lower jaw









The placement of the OCO Biomedical one piece ISI implants is very straight forward.  No flap and minimal steps to insert; very similar to placing a mini dental implant.  With little surgery very little healing time is required.  Less discomfort is experienced by the patient with this kind of protocol.

Pilot bit with 10mm drill stiop

A small pilot bit is used to make a small hole in the gum and bone.  I do like in the OCO placement kit the various drill stops.  These are slipped over the pilot bit and will not allow the dentist to drill any further down that the stop. The 10mm drill stop is show here on the x-ray.







10mm drill stip

10mm drill stop on the OCO Biomedical pilot bit.  A great idea that I am glad to see made it into the placement kit.






Tissue punch

One more item I like in the OCO Biomedical ISI placement kit is the tissue punch.  The rounded end fits precisely into the pilot hole and a perfect plug of tissue is removed the exact size of the dental implant. 






Tissue out

Tissue removed for the placement of an OCO ISI 4.0mm dental implant.

Look at how nice of a tissue punch is created. 







The only other step is to use the final sizing bit and the OCO ISI dental implant is inserted into the gum and bone.  Since the dental implant is a one piece design there is no abutment to screw into place.  A impression cap is placed over the OCO ISI implant and off to First Impressions Dental Lab it goes for a porcelain crown.  OCO 4.0 x 10mm

The upper jaw was a bit more challenging in this case.  The bone that had filled in was not very dense and was soft in density.

Missing 12 13

X-ray of the missing upper premolar teeth. 







I decided to place a two piece OCO Biomedical TSI implant.  With this I could place the dental implants and let them heal in the bone without my patient putting undue stress and strain on them.  The thing I like about the OCO TSI is that it has the same thread geometry and immediate stabilization design as the one piece OCI ISI dental implants.  I believe that most cases can be solved with the OCO ISI dental implant….however in those cases where primary stability can not be achieved then the two piece OCO TSI is a great tool to have in the office.

OCO TSI and driver

OCO TSI dental implant.  Same design….just in two pieces.






Placement is the exact same protocol. All the step are followed and a cover screw that is included is placed over the OCO TSI dental implant.

TSI cover and no cover

Clincial photo showing the OCO Biomedical TSI Two-Piece Implants.  One has the cover screw.  The other shows the gold Ti-Ni coating.  This gives the gum tissue a warm glow instead of a grey halo by masking the Ti surface of the dental implant.





OCO TSI pack

The collar is machine finished and is 2mm tall.  If a smaller collar is needed the OCO ERI (Esthetic Region Implant) offers a 1mm collar that is also Ti-Ni coated gold in color.











For Dental Implant Educationthe next OCO Biomedical course seminar will be in Orlando on Jan 8, 2011.  7 hours of Dental CE in implant dentistry is given. 

I  continue the post with the final crowns.

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