Implant Dentistry a Great Way to Replace Missing Teeth with OCO Mini One Piece Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a cost effective way to replace them with fixed crowns or bridges.  With the advent of the mini dental implant and the one piece traditional size dental implants you now can have teeth back once again. 



Missing Premolar and Canine teeth shown on the patients pan x-ray.  She has had a few mini dental implants and crowns already.







It looks like a wide ridge with plenty of bone.  But with a 3D i-CAT scan we see something different.







The ridge of bone is only 3.0mm wide at the top.  Choices are to widen the bone, flatten it a bit (both of these would require a bit more surgery and healing time).  Or to consider using a one piece mini dental implant by OCO Biomedical.






A OCO 3.0mm one piece mini dental implant was selected and placed with no surgical flap of gum tissue and minimal trauma to the area.







The OCO one piece mini dental implants were prepped in the mouth with light pressure (water and air spray).







An optical scan was taken of the prepped one piece mini dental implant for First Impressions Dental Lab to make the porcelain crowns.







All porcelain crowns prior to cementation.








Crowns in place over the OCO Biomedical one piece dental implants.






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