OCO Mini Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Lateral Tooth with a Porcelain Crown

About 2% of the population has a congenitally missing upper lateral tooth.

Lateral missing

My patient after orthodontic treatment.  He is missing one of his upper lateral teeth.

He is 17 and just wants to enjoy being a kid with teeth.  The solution he has right now is a clear plastic retainer with a denture tooth in it to replace the missing tooth.  His Mom was unable to consider a traditional two piece dental implant due to cost.  In this case I think a one piece dental implant is a better service to the patient and at a much more affordable price point. 




After measuring the space we determined that a OCO 3.0mm Mini Dental Implant could be placed.  It is a one piece immediate load dental implant.




Partially seated OCO implant x-ray to confirm that it is at the correct angle.











OCO Mini



OCO immediate load one piece implant being placed.






OCO 3.0 in


OCO Dental Implant fully in place.  Notice the lack of gum being cut and or any bleeding.






The final porcelain crown will be placed next week from First Impressions Dental Lab

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