Mini Dental Implant Bridge ~ Full Arch Roundhouse Crowns for Fixed Teeth

What do patients that have no teeth really want?  Is it dental implants?  Crowns?  Implant supported dentures?  NO…they want their teeth.  For right now that is not something that dentistry can give back to them…  However we can get pretty close with some mini dental implants and a well thought out and fabricated full arch roundhouse bridge of porcelain crowns. 

Cosmetic upper denture

When we decide make a full arch of teeth over mini dental implants I like to make a well fitting denture to begin with.  It is our blueprint for what the final crowns should look like.  The patient can approve in the denture the color, size, esthetics, function, speech, etc….all before we make the investment in the final porcelain bridge.






Once the provisional denture is approved by the patient all the diagnostic information is sent to the Dental Lab for the final planning. This case was done with Evolution Dental Lab.  A guide stent is made for the placement of the mini dental implants.  This is done off the Cone Beam 3D x-ray scan to ensure the dental implants are placed in sound bone and will allow for the crowns to be placed in the correct approved position.




A wax mock up of the final design is made on the stone cast over the mini dental implants.  This mock up will be duplicated in putty so I can make the patient in their mouth a temporary set of teeth to confirm everything once more.






Surgical guide for the placement of the mini dental implants.







OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants in place ready to have the temporary bridge made.




Denture Chairside temp bridge


The temporary is made…notice how similar it looks to the approved denture.  Since we have worked out most of the details of esthetics and function in the denture all I need to do is place the dental implants the the predetermined positions and copy the denture into the temporary bridge.  The patient leaves that day without the denture.  He has a fixed set of teeth to chew and smile with.  Any slight changes, if needed, are made and the dental lab can make the final bridge.


The final mini dental implant bridge was made in two pieces.  There is an exact fit to this bridge.  Notice the multicolor pink porcelain to frame the porcelain crowns. 





Back teeth for the mini dental implant roundhouse bridge.





Final bridge over the OCO Biomedical dental implants. 






Mini Dental Implant Bridge cemented in patients mouth…day of placement.







Lip retracted view of the mini dental implant bridge.  Notice the intimate fit of the pink porcelain to the gum tissue.  The patient can floss or waterpick between each mini dental implant. 



Steve with his new teeth the day of placement.  He has a full arch of mini dental implants and a fixed non removable set of Porcelain crowns.  Solutions similar to this start at $12,999.  This includes the implants and the crowns. 

What a wonderful way to get rid of your dentures and get back to living you life enjoying the things you want to do. 

Without the advent of mini dental implants solutions like this would require a commitment of around $20,000 with more time/discomfort.

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