BioHorizons One Piece 3.0 Dental Implant & Laser Lok Two Piece 3.0

For tight spaces in the esthetic zone where I normally would have placed a one piece 3.0mm dental implant, BioHorizons now has  a two piece Laser Lok 3.0 implant. 


New Picture



BioHorizons two piece with the Laser Lok microchannels.  These microchannels in the BioHorizons dental implant are stated to allow a physical connective tissue attachement to the implant. 













The 3.0 BioHorizons implant also comes in a one piece for immediate load applications.

I have contacted their sales rep Nick Wernimont to get a few of them to see how they work in my hands.  The placement protocol looks simple and straighforward.  Look for a post on the BioHorizons One and Two Piece 3.0 dental implants soon.  I hope to place them for a maxillary missing lateral incisor.

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