miniMark Dental Implant Seminar – Online Presentation

The mini mark dental implant has been introduced to the dental market by ACE Surgical and will be marketed and sold by Henry Schein Dental under the Camlog umbrella. 


The one piece Zest Locator mini implant is a welcome addition but I believe its downfall for acceptance and use will be its price point.  2 to 4 times as much as other mini dental implants when you include the purchase price of the housings and retentive rings.  The price for one of the miniMark implants is greater than the price of a full body implant from a company like Implant Direct or OCO Biomedical.  Something to consider is all I am saying. 

Packaging for the miniMark….does not include the Locator housing or retentive rings. 

The mini mark implants comes in two sizes:  2.3mm and 3.25, so technically a mini dental implant and a traditional size implant.  For different tissue heights there are 2mm and 4mm cuffs for the 2.3mm mini and .5mm and 2mm and 4mm for the 3.25 traditional.

The moment arm created by a 4mm cuff and approximately a 2mm Locator for a total of 6mm does to mini implant I don't know.  On a 11.5mm implant over 1/2 the length would be above the crest of bone. 

Now onto the Online Seminar Presentation for the mini Mark Dental Implant System


Four mini mark implants 2 3.25mm and 2 2.3mm implants.





James post minis

Pan with the 4 mini mark implants  


Having completed the surgical phase my initial thoughts are:

Too Surgically Intense.  A General Dentist who has never placed an implant or drilled into bone this 2 regular size and 2 mini size system is quite intimidating.  What if you have never layed a flap? 

The system is expensive for what you get.  A surgical kit that can only place over denture solutions.  What if you decide to do fixed?  Do you get additional size implants that will take the same drivers? What about the drill bits?  Right now I do not see that as a possibility.

Lack of Immediate Stability. The thread pattern on the 3.25mm miniMark is to weak to offer immediate stability or use.  I guess that is why ACE recommends not loading the traditional size ones and only load the mini 2.3mm implants. 

All Stress on Minis Initially.  Most manufacturers suggest immediate load if you get more than 35N-cm of torque AND load all 4 implants together.  No so with this system?  I would surmise that 2 mini implants taking all the load will never have the success ratio as 4 minis sharing the load. 

Unproven and New System  There is not any 'similar' systems out on the market with a Locator type attachment.  Why take the risk…unless you are just going to not load any of the implants for around 12 weeks.  Then I think all will have integrated enough to load.

Final thoughts:  There are too many other good one day courses out there with a larger choice of size and solutions to consider the ACE miniMark Implant System. 

To see the final miniMark denture click the blue text  miniMark Denture

Paresh B Patel DDS

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