Mini Dental Implants ~ Extractions ~ Lower Denture

My next patient is a great example of how versatile mini dental implants can be.


Lower ridge with 2 teeth left.  Patient has been wearing an all acrylic partial denture.  He is going to do a sequenced treatment plan where we place 4 mini dental implants and make a full lower denture.  As he is able to accumulate the funds we will add in 4 -5 more mini dental implants to support a full lower porcelain bridge.


The teeth are extracted and the mini dental implants are placed.  The only bleeding that occurred in this case is from the extraction sites; not from the mini dental implants.

This kind of placement allows patients to have less healing and less pain.


X ray showing the 2.2mm OCO mini dental implant in place in between the bone.  What looked like wide bone in the mouth has a facial and lingual curve making the bone narrower that it appears.  Perfect spot to use a mini dental implant.

From here is will be a straight forward overdenture case.  We were able to get his first impression today after the mini implants were placed.  From that a wax rim will be made with some speaking wax to record how his jaws come together.  In a few weeks his denture will be complete; the gums where the teeth were extracted will have closed in and he will have a snap in/ snap out lower full denture all thanks to the mini dental implant.

Paresh B Patel DDS

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