Upgrade your Snap in Denture to a Fixed Full Arch Bridge Roundhouse with Mini Dental Implants

Having done thousands of mini dental implants more and more of my patients are now asking why they can’t have fixed crowns or fixed teeth with dental bridges.  Well no real reason if they have enough bone to place a few more mini dental implants.

My patient when we first put in 6 mini dental implants to support a full upper denture.

He had enough bone to add in a few more mini implants so we set out to duplicate what he liked about his denture in a fixed porcelain roundhouse bridge.


I took the existing denture that my patient liked the way it looked and made a copy of it in lab putty.  From that Evolution Dental Lab was able to make a exact copy of the denture but out of porcelain and pink porcelain for the gum tissue.


Final full upper roundhouse bridge that will be supported by mini dental implants.


Day of cementation of the fixed full bridge upper roundhouse.  The design is the same as if the bridge was made on traditional size implants.  The patient will brush, floss or water pick to keep the gums clean.

Paresh B Patel DDS

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