Broken Tooth replaced with a Mini Dental Implant and a Temporary Crown


 I am convinced that teeth know what day of the week it is.  Why is it always 5pm on Friday that teeth in the front smile area seem to break? 

I don't have a great answer but I do have some mini dental implants and some composite. 






The patient was given the option of a Root Canal Post and Crown or an extraction and a mini dental implant and Crown.  She elected to have the tooth removed.











I selected for this case a mini dental implant that has a high degree of initial stability due to its aggressive thread pattern and ability to lock in the bone at the tip.  It is an OCO Biomedical 3.0mm mini dental implant. 












OCO mini dental implant in place after the tooth root was removed preserving as much bone as possible.  The implant is a solid one piece design.






Temporary crown on the OCO mini dental implant.  I will let the implant heal and let the soft tissue (gums) and bone fill in.  That will take around 5-6 months.  After that time passes we will ask the lab to make her a new porcelain crown to fit over the mini dental implant.



Paresh B Patel

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