Mini Dental Implant or a Regular Size Implant?

Although I like mini dental implants for lots of reasons, I do find the need for a regular size lots of times.  In some cases a regular traditional size implant will work better. 



This example might be one of them.  This patient had lost a Root Canal Molar with massive amounts of bone destruction. 







Clinical view shows a WIDE ridge of bone.  However under the gum is just a thin shell of bone and then the sinus cavity (air).  This would be a great place to consider a regular size implant and a sinus lift instead of a mini dental implant.  The regular size implant will allow us to push the sinus lifting bone up and act as a scaffold for new bone growth. 


The OCO Biomedical 6 x 6mm in place.  The sinus lift was done through the same opening made to insert the implant.  Bone was packed to lift up the sinus membrane and then the OCO implant was placed. 







X – ray image showing the OCO Biomedical regular size implant and the lifted sinus membrane.  Additional bone can be seen as a 'half circle' around the tip of the implant.  The OCO implant will be allowed to heal for 4-6 months and then the final crown will be placed. 




Healing Cap placed to cover the OCO implant. 

From Mini Dental Implants to Regular Size Implants, discuss with your dentist options that exist to help you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant and a fixed crown. 







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