The Benefits of Small Diameter or Mini Dental Implants and Glidewell’s Bruxzir Crowns


My next patient had come in to see me because her tooth broke from where she had a Root Canal. 

She asked me if I could do a bridge to replace the missing tooth behind the one she broke.  I asked her why would she want a bridge when we could easily place an implant and not have to grind away healthy tooth structure? 

She said….'you know Dr. Patel, because an implant is so expensive and probably causes a lot a pain, with all that surgery, cutting my gums open and all.'

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of the time we are able to place the implant without any of that, very little discomfort, an will actually save you some money and preserves tooth structure! 






So I placed a buildup into the broken natural tooth and prepared it for a Burxzir Crown from Glidewell Laboratories. 

If find that Bruxzir is a great material to use over natural teeth or implants.  It is a solid one piece zirconia crown that offers great strength and esthetics. 



Final x-ray of the OCO Biomedical 3.25 Small Diameter Implant.














Soft tissue laser was used to expose the margins of the OCO implant and an iTERO scan was taken of the natural tooth and small diameter implant.





Image of the iTERO scan identifying the margins on the natural tooth and implant abutment.







Photo with the Glidewell Biotemps removed on the natural tooth and the OCO Biomedical implant.  Notice how nice the tissue has healed around both the implant abutment and crown.





Glidewell Bruxzir Zirconia crowns on the canine and premolar tooth.  Its hard to tell what is a natural tooth crown and an implant crown.






Chewing surface view of the two Glidewell Bruxzir crowns.  The one right in front of the tooth with the blue marks is the implant crown and the one in front of that is the natural tooth crown.













Final x-ray of the two Bruxzir Crowns











Simple placement with no cutting of the gum tissue.  Very little discomfort for the patient.  Relative low cost as compared to a bridge.  No extra parts and pieces to purchase for the lab.  The strength and beauty of a solid Zirconia all porcelain crown.  Small diameter implants offer a great way to help patients get the implant treatment they want.

Paresh B Patel

Dental Implants Charlotte NC

Mini Dental Implants