Glidewell Mini Dental Implants for Upper Denture

Suffering from you upper denture moving around or gagging you?  Then consider mini dental implants if you have lost some bone and can't have traditional size implants without grafting or adding bone.

IMG_3279My patient's upper ridge.  What looks like a wide ridge is mostly gum tissue.  Because of this thin ridge the use of mini dental implants here will be a good choice to consider.  Other options that would also work well are to expand the bone or do sinus lifts and place traditional size implants.  4 Traditional size implants would work to hold in a secure upper denture.



IMG_3285To secure my patients upper denture I placed 7 Glidewell Mini Dental Implants (3.0mm in diameter).  This will distribute the force adequately and allow for the denture to stay put while he eats and chews.  All without the roof of his mouth being covered.  His new denture will have a metal subframe to provide rigidity and snaps to fit over the o-ball.




The patients existing denture was retrofitted with space so that it could fit over the newly placed mini dental implants while I make him a new horseshoe shaped denture with snaps.





Paresh Patel DDS

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