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Dental Implants have become one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth.  The implant acts as a post or a root replacement so a crown or implant bridge can be connected.  Once this is done you do not remove the crown or implant bridge….its as close to a real tooth as you can get today. 


My patient comes in with her front tooth broken at the gum line.  There is still the root of the tooth in place that will have to be extracted before the dental implant can be inserted.  

Photo 3 (2)

The dental implant is placed after the root is extracted.  In this case there was enough bone left to place the implant the same day the tooth was extracted.  There was also enough stability of the implant to place the abutment(post that comes through the gum) to support a temporary crown.  The temporary crown is made so when you close it does not touch; an important part in allowing the implant to heal into the bone.  This also allow the gum tissue to mold around the abutment. 

Photo 3

Temporary screw secured crown that will be placed.  I created this the same day chairside out of temporary crown material. 

Temp 2 weeks healing

Temporary crown created and screwed into the implant. 

Final 2 months later

2 months later impressions are taken to make a custom abutment(post) and the final porcelain implant crwon.  Here the final crown is in place. 

X02418 (3)

final x-ray with the custom implant abutment and crown.  Good bone stability is around the implant that was placed the day of extraction. 

This type of implant dentistry can be done for multiple missing teeth for an implant bridge.  That way adjacent teeth do not need to be shaved down for crowns to support the missing tooth.  

There are many implant dentistry solutions that can be offered.  I suggest you consider coming in for a evaluation to see if dental implants can be the right solution for you. 

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