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Full upper or lower dentures can me made to look like all your natural teeth, however getting them to say in place when eating or doing any day to day activities can be a challenge.  If you rarely wear your dentures because you cant keep them in or they hurt then dental implants by Dr. Paresh may be the solution you are looking for. 


A patient came to see me on a referral from his general dentist.  His front teeth are connected together with a porcelain bridge.  This bridge is failing and he has advanced periodontal disease that has left him with very little bone supporting the roots of his other teeth.


The lower jaw is in about the same condition.  A few teeth that have no hope and need to be extracted. 


His teeth were extracted and on the same day 4 dental implants were inserted in the upper jaw and 4 dental implants were inserted into his lower jaw.  These dental implants will be allowed to heal.  After the healing process snaps will be placed into the implant and a set of 'snap in dentures' will be made. 


View of the healed upper jaw and the 4 dental implants with the protective healing cap removed.  Excellent tissue health was achieved.  If at any time in the future this patient decides that he wants fixed teeth on dental implants a few more implants will be placed and 10-12 porcelain crowns can be made.  


View of the healed lower jaw of the 4 dental implants.  The same can be accomplished on the lower jaw; fixed teeth at any time with the addition of a few implants.  


The upper implant denture is made with a cast metal horseshoe shape.  This is done to keep the denture strong as well as free up the roof of the mouth to keep the patient from gagging. 


LOCATOR snaps are placed into the dental implants(gold attachments to allow the denture to snap into place)


The same is done for the lower jaw. 4 LOCATOR attachments on 4 Dental Implants


The snaps are fitted into the dentures and now NO MORE LOOSE DENTURES! 

If you are interested in this kind of implant dentistry or having fixed implant teeth in Charlotte see Dr. Paresh to see if you are a candidate.  

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