Implant Dentures to Improve your Life

This video shows how dental implants can help you improve your life with a secure set of dentures. 



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All on 4 or Implant Dentures We have your Solution Charlotte NC

If you are having a hard time with your dentures or want to have a full set of teeth that are secured by implants then we have the solution for you.

Solution #1 could be enough implants for a fixed set of porcelain crowns (not plastic teeth like a normal All on 4)

Solution #2 could be a few implants and a snap in denture.  Safe and Secure they only come out with some effort for daily cleaning.


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Smile Makeover with Braces

This has nothing to do with dental implants, but shows how powerful a smile can be! 

Great time lapse photos and a fun video to watch…Enjoy!

We recommend Dr. Dave Paquette for any orthodontics you may need!


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Simple Implant Placement w LIVE Guided Surgery ~ Dallas TX

Come join us on Friday Sept 22 in Dallas TX and learn how to incorporate simple implant placement into your practice.  248-457-0500  This course will also have a live implant placement at the end of the day with Dr. Steve Brown.


Mini Dental Implant Article on Mini Dental Implants for Crowns published in DentalTown Magazine

Dr. Paresh B Patel article on OCO Biomedical's mini dental implant for crowns is published in DentalTown magazine. 

New Picture (2)It was a huge honor for me to have my clinical case write up published in DentalTown.  I hope this shows the vast use for implants to help our patients have a more fulfilling life with 'real teeth'. 












To see the full article please view the Feb 2012 edition of DentalTown magazine. 

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mini dental implants

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Dr. Paresh Patel has an Article published in Dentistry Today on Mini Dental Implants

New Picture'A Better Quality of Lilfe with Implant Retained Overdentures'  by Paresh B Patel

Zest Locator Attachements with Mini Dental Implants

For the full article please click on the Blue Text

Mini Implant Article






New Picture (1)


Lew Mini Dental Implant Lower Denture by Park Dental

Suffering from a lower denture that will not stay in place?  Consider mini dental implants to help.

Before ridge

Lower ridge that needs mini implants to hold in a secure full denture

5 minis in

5 Mini Dental Implants to hold in a lower full denture (Park Dental Lew Mini Implants)

Relined lower

Relined retrofitted existing denture with the 'snaps' in.  This will be used while a new lower denture is made. 

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Mini Dental Implants

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Glidewell Mini Dental Implants for Upper Denture

Suffering from you upper denture moving around or gagging you?  Then consider mini dental implants if you have lost some bone and can't have traditional size implants without grafting or adding bone.

IMG_3279My patient's upper ridge.  What looks like a wide ridge is mostly gum tissue.  Because of this thin ridge the use of mini dental implants here will be a good choice to consider.  Other options that would also work well are to expand the bone or do sinus lifts and place traditional size implants.  4 Traditional size implants would work to hold in a secure upper denture.



IMG_3285To secure my patients upper denture I placed 7 Glidewell Mini Dental Implants (3.0mm in diameter).  This will distribute the force adequately and allow for the denture to stay put while he eats and chews.  All without the roof of his mouth being covered.  His new denture will have a metal subframe to provide rigidity and snaps to fit over the o-ball.




The patients existing denture was retrofitted with space so that it could fit over the newly placed mini dental implants while I make him a new horseshoe shaped denture with snaps.





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Mini Dental Implants

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It was a magical moment to be in a room with so many talented Doctors who have devoted their lives to improving implant dentistry.  The offical press release is below.


Dr. Victor Sendax, Paresh B Patel, Jack Wimmer, Ronald Bulard

92 Dr. Victor Sendax, Dr. Paresh Patel
Dr. Victor Sendax & Paresh B Patel


(New York City, New York, USA)

Old friends and new gathered at a private social club in Manhattan to celebrate the continuing legacy of Park Dental Research Corporation, a leader in dental implant research and products since 1967.

Hosted by Drs. Leonard Linkow, Jack Wimmer, Ronald A. Bulard and Victor Sendax on November 28th, the reception honored the life’s work of its founder Jack Wimmer and his pioneering colleagues.  The hosts further emphasized Park Dental’s ongoing, ambitious commitment to bring value-based implant solutions to dental patients around the globe. 

Dr. Linkow eloquently delivered a moving tribute to Jack Wimmer, acknowledging Wimmer’s early loss of family while at a concentration camp, his study of dental medicine and subsequent move to the US with wife Sally Wimmer, and of Dr. Wimmer’s many contributions to dental implantology.  Based in New York City, New York, USA, Dr. Wimmer became a visionary in dental implantology.  He worked with a burgeoning community of innovative dentists to research, commercialize and distribute tooth replacement solutions around the world through Park Dental Research Corporation.   Dr. Linkow, who has written multiple textbooks and holds an endowed chair in implantology at the New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry, noted that he had traveled the world with his friend Dr. Jack Wimmer.  Dr. Linkow further described Dr. Jack Wimmer’s zest for life and his sense of humanity for the eager groups of dentists they met while lecturing internationally. 

After Dr. Linkow’s stirring introduction, Dr. Wimmer spoke modestly of his career and boldly of a new era at Park Dental Research.  Dr. Wimmer revealed that he chose Dr. Bulard to succeed him at Park Dental over others for a reason:  Dr. Bulard understands the history of dental implants and has a realistic vision of how to build upon Park Dental’s experience to achieve new heights.

In accepting Dr. Wimmer’s challenge, Dr. Bulard described the honor he felt to continue the legacy at Park Dental.  He noted that the new management team quickly developed affection for Jack and is committed to ensuring Park Dental’s success.  Dr. Bulard then discussed the Dr. Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award and its latest recipient, Dr. Victor Sendax.

The Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award is presented by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) to an individual who has contributed significantly to research in implant dentistry.

An implant pioneer and a founding member of the AAID, Dr. Isaiah Lew was committed to the “where, why, and how of implant dentistry” and spent a lifetime conducting surgical and prosthetic clinical implant research.   The award is given every year to perpetuate Dr. Lew’s spirit and enthusiasm for implant dentistry.   Dr. Lew was a key collaborator with Park Dental, as reflected by the products bearing the Lew name including the LEW MDI implant line.

Dr. Bulard then formally recognized Dr. Victor Sendax for receiving the Isaiah Lew Memorial Research Award.   Dr. Bulard reminisced about meeting Dr. Sendax at their common office building on 30 Central Park South in New York City, and how their initial meeting and ongoing professional relationship changed the way Bulard viewed implantology.    Dr. Bulard then proudly invited his good friend Dr. Victor Sendax to the podium.

Dr. Sendax recalled his experiences with colleagues in implantology and with Park Dental Research, including his relationship with one of his mentors, Dr. Lew.  After expounding upon the past challenges and successes of mini dental implants, Dr. Sendax reiterated his long-felt belief that minimally invasive implantology could bring great gains in quality of life to patients missing teeth around the world.  He also recognized the ability of Park Dental’s new management team to continue bringing innovative dental implant technologies to market.

After the hosts concluded their speeches, guests continued to mingle and enjoy the diverse gathering, availing themselves of photo opportunities with the impressive group of dental implant pioneers assembled in the historic social club.

For additional information contact:

Derrick Harvey +1.580.798.1022 or Dr. Ronald A. Bulard +1.580.798.4412

Park Dental Research Corporation

2401 North Commerce

Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401

United State of America

The Benefits of Small Diameter or Mini Dental Implants and Glidewell’s Bruxzir Crowns


My next patient had come in to see me because her tooth broke from where she had a Root Canal. 

She asked me if I could do a bridge to replace the missing tooth behind the one she broke.  I asked her why would she want a bridge when we could easily place an implant and not have to grind away healthy tooth structure? 

She said….'you know Dr. Patel, because an implant is so expensive and probably causes a lot a pain, with all that surgery, cutting my gums open and all.'

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Most of the time we are able to place the implant without any of that, very little discomfort, an will actually save you some money and preserves tooth structure! 






So I placed a buildup into the broken natural tooth and prepared it for a Burxzir Crown from Glidewell Laboratories. 

If find that Bruxzir is a great material to use over natural teeth or implants.  It is a solid one piece zirconia crown that offers great strength and esthetics. 



Final x-ray of the OCO Biomedical 3.25 Small Diameter Implant.














Soft tissue laser was used to expose the margins of the OCO implant and an iTERO scan was taken of the natural tooth and small diameter implant.





Image of the iTERO scan identifying the margins on the natural tooth and implant abutment.







Photo with the Glidewell Biotemps removed on the natural tooth and the OCO Biomedical implant.  Notice how nice the tissue has healed around both the implant abutment and crown.





Glidewell Bruxzir Zirconia crowns on the canine and premolar tooth.  Its hard to tell what is a natural tooth crown and an implant crown.






Chewing surface view of the two Glidewell Bruxzir crowns.  The one right in front of the tooth with the blue marks is the implant crown and the one in front of that is the natural tooth crown.













Final x-ray of the two Bruxzir Crowns











Simple placement with no cutting of the gum tissue.  Very little discomfort for the patient.  Relative low cost as compared to a bridge.  No extra parts and pieces to purchase for the lab.  The strength and beauty of a solid Zirconia all porcelain crown.  Small diameter implants offer a great way to help patients get the implant treatment they want.

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Mini Dental Implants