Mini Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth – Easy Quick & Cost Effective


 My next patient was a young 27 year old.  She had such a lovely personality; but she would not smile.  How sad. Her story was typical….lost her teeth at a young age due and now wanted to do something just for her.

Photos of her missing teeth right and left sides.








On my first glance it looked like she had lots of bone to place implants.  But on further investigation by doing some ridge mapping (the process where the dentist numbs the gum tissue and feels with a perio probe to see what is gum tissue and what is bone) it was determined that lots of bone had been lost over the years. 

Bone grafting or bone splitting was presented as an option but not accepted. 

The next alternative was to consider using mini dental implants to support a set of splinted or connected crowns.  

Mini implants thin ridge

Two mini implants were placed to act as roots for crowns.  The crowns will be connected together to splint the mini implants together.  On the right and left sides they will look like premolar teeth.  Over time additional mini dental implants will be added to replace the molars. 





Final x-ray of the mini dental implants in place. 







CT slices

Cone Bean Scan x-ray to show how thin the bone is and the mini dental implants all in bone to the floor of the sinus cavity.  Without having mini implants this case would not have an alternative option for most patients to consider. 

I will finish the post once the premolar crowns come back from the dental lab and are cemented in place.

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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant Educational Seminar with Hands on Course

Glidewell Inclusive Mini Dental Implant Dentures

Upper lower Glidewell Inclusive Mini

So the big day is here for my patient.  She was one of the first that I tried the new Glidewell Inclusive Mini Dental Implants.  These mini implants will help to secure in a full upper and lower denture.  With Glidewell the 'snaps' come processed into the dentures. 



Mini implant smile

With Vicki in the chair I said, 'Open Wide' lets see if these snap in'  The upper went in, the lower was next.  My patient and I looked at each other…was that it?  Did they snap in?  She moved her lips and mouth around….they are in she said.


Right side


Smile from the right side.










The Glidewell Mini Dental Implant Dentures are a wonderful addition to have for secure snap in dentures.  From start to finish as a dentist it is nice to have one lab to offer a 'denture-in-a-box' concept.  Mini Dental Implants, wax rims, tooth try-in, final processing and retentive housings all for one price. 



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Mini Dental Implant Education Seminar & Hands On Training

Glidewell Mini Dental Implant Overdenture Education Seminar with Hands on Placement Course

Rehabilitating the Atrophic Edentulous Patient Using Small-Diameter Implant

Paresh B. Patel, DDS  

Overdenture mini implants
Course Synopsis
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that 26 percent of Americans aged 65 to 74 years are completely edentulous. With the aging of the population, this percentage will continue to grow. Mini dental implants offer a viable solution for many of these patients, particularly those with extremely atrophic ridges and unstable dentures. Designed for immediate loading using a minimally invasive procedure, mini implants can help build your implant practice and provide a valuable service to your patients.Course Objectives
After completing this course, the dental professional should be able to:


  • Properly select and treatment plan cases for small-diameter implants, including the use of CBCT technology, planning software and guided surgery.
  • Understand the anatomic considerations and ideal implant locations for maxillary and mandibular overdentures.
  • Understand the drilling protocol necessary to achieve high primary stability allowing for immediate loading.
  • Perform prosthetic procedures, from soft relining the patient’s existing denture to fabrication of the new overdenture incorporating the O-ring housings.
  • Have a protocol for postoperative care and long-term maintenance for mini implants.
  • Understand the benefits of the Inclusive® ”case-in-a-box” solution for overdenture stabilization, and how to smoothly integrate mini implants into your private practice.

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Mini Dental Implants


Mini Dental Implant or a Regular Size Implant?

Although I like mini dental implants for lots of reasons, I do find the need for a regular size lots of times.  In some cases a regular traditional size implant will work better. 



This example might be one of them.  This patient had lost a Root Canal Molar with massive amounts of bone destruction. 







Clinical view shows a WIDE ridge of bone.  However under the gum is just a thin shell of bone and then the sinus cavity (air).  This would be a great place to consider a regular size implant and a sinus lift instead of a mini dental implant.  The regular size implant will allow us to push the sinus lifting bone up and act as a scaffold for new bone growth. 


The OCO Biomedical 6 x 6mm in place.  The sinus lift was done through the same opening made to insert the implant.  Bone was packed to lift up the sinus membrane and then the OCO implant was placed. 







X – ray image showing the OCO Biomedical regular size implant and the lifted sinus membrane.  Additional bone can be seen as a 'half circle' around the tip of the implant.  The OCO implant will be allowed to heal for 4-6 months and then the final crown will be placed. 




Healing Cap placed to cover the OCO implant. 

From Mini Dental Implants to Regular Size Implants, discuss with your dentist options that exist to help you replace a missing tooth with a dental implant and a fixed crown. 







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Mini Dental Implant Pictures

Mini Dental Implant Pictures, Photos and Procedures:

To see several hundred original pictures of mini dental implants being used for several applications ~ from securing dentures to crowns and bridges click the blue text:  Mini Dental Implant Pictures

Mini Dental Implants ~ Not just for a lower denture

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Mini Dental Implant Cost

The cost of mini dental implants is around 1/2 that of a traditional dental implant.Picture_cost_benefit_analysis

However to me the true cost is not measured only in dollars.  It is in lots of other measures as well.

Other costs could include:

  • Loss of the ability to smile
  • Unable to find and keep a good job
  • Social situations are avoided – like going to church, cheering at your kids or grand kids sporting events
  • Inability to enjoy your favorite foods (steak, salads, crispy veggies)
  • Overall health suffers – ill chewed food puts stress on your digestive system and you absorb less of all the good stuff
  • Spending valuable $$ on Adhesives or Pastes to glue in your dentures
  • Constant sores in your gums
  • Yearly relines of your denture or partials

The cost of even missing one tooth is HUGE!  If one tooth is missing and not replaced 20% of the teeth next to it will be lost in the next 4 to 8 years.  This is one of the reasons that over 50 Million Americans have lost all their teeth. 

Mini Dental Implants for an Affordable Cost can:

Replace Single Teeth:  With a mini implant acting as the root of your missing tooth a porcelain crown can be made.  You do not remove this like a partial denture.  To you it is like having your natural tooth back.

Replace Multiple Teeth:  Several mini dental implants can be placed to form a porcelain bridge.  This will get rid of the gap where several teeth have been lost.  It does not require healthy teeth on either side to be ground down like a traditional bridge. 

Replace an Entire Row of Missing Upper or Lower Teeth:  In some cases 8-10 mini dental implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaws to support a full roundhouse bridge.  This will replace 10-12 missing teeth with a series of porcelain crowns that are connected and placed over the mini implants.  You will never need to use dental adhesives or pastes to hold teeth in again.  You also will have teeth that you do no remove.  You will have to brush and water pick to keep your new teeth clean.

Paresh B Patel DDS

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Mini Dental Implants and Chewing Gum?

Yes that's right folks!  We encourage any patient that gets mini dental implants to chew more GUM.  Well Sugarless gum like Trident.  

Trident has something called XYLITOL in it.  This is an organic compound that helps to prevent the bad bacteria, Strep Mutans, from forming in the mouth.  With less bacteria in the mouth your natural teeth and your mini dental implant crown will be happier. 

Two well known research experts (John Peldyak DMD & Yukie Nakai DDS, PhD) have demonstrated in study after study that xylitol gum chewed right after meals or snacks greatly reduces acid formation and plaque growth. It also helps to enhance your own bodies protective factors such as correctly buffered saliva. 

The other point that is often overlooked about xylitol is that it is a natural compound. 

Xylitol also helps to reduce bacterial biofilm (that sticky stuff you feel on your teeth). Unlike other sugars (carbohydrates, xylitol does not link together to form polysaccharides). 


MINI DENTAL IMPLANT                  CROWN                                

PLUS    Bruxzir-crown EQUALS





So if you are missing teeth and want to chew again….consider mini dental implants to support a crown or several mini dental implants and a bridge to gain back your ability to enjoy food.   But in between meals and after snacks keep some sugarless gum, like Trident with Xylitol, in your pocket.  It will help  keep your new mini dental implant teeth as well as natural ones in good shape.  Paresh B Patel DDS

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miniMARK Dental Implant Seminar – Online Restorative Presentation

To view Part 1 The miniMARK Placement Protocol click the blue text.

So we left with the patient done with the miniMARK implants in his lower jaw. 



A set of Locator impression caps were placed over the miniMARK mini dental implants.  These look like champange glasses and will communicate to the lab the exact location of the one piece Locator miniMark implants. 





Impression Black Processing Caps


A good impression is taken to ensure that all pertinent landmarks are captured in the impression.  Land areas, retromolar pad, frenal attachments and of course the Locator impression caps. 




Wax Bite Rim

Wax Rim 






Master Cast

Master cast with the Locator retention caps placed on the lab analogs.  These 'snaps' will be processed into the denture.






ToothSetup Lingual







Final processed denture with the metal frame incorporated.  If the denture is too retentive then different nylon rings can be placed to decrease the retention.  Or if it is not tight enough stiffer rings can be placed to increase the retention on the miniMARK implants.

My patient has had the lower denture now for 4 weeks and loves how stable and retentive it is.  This case utilized some of the best technologies avaliable today for implant overdentures.  The Locator attachment, a metal frame incorporated into the denture, high quality composite denture teeth and lab processed attachments. 

To use these kinds of materials and mini dental implants unfortunately has one setback:  COST for the patient.  This case is about 2 timesthe cost of a o-ball mini dental implant solution.  Certainly something for the dentist and patient to discuss and come to the best solution that will fit every ones desires and needs.  There are several good implant and mini implant systems out there….check them out and help your patients by getting the best system for you. 

Paresh B Patel

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Replace a Missing Canine Tooth with a Small Diameter Implant


Who would want to walk around with a missing canine (eye tooth)?  Well if you have never been presented the option of using a mini or small diameter dental implant then that just might be you. 




Some spaces are just small enough that a regular size dental implant (around 4mm in diameter) just won't work well.  This is one of those cases.  Could I have placed a 3.0mm mini dental implant here? I think so.  However to give the implant the best chance of healing I decided to place a two piece implant.  One that I could leave right a gum level to heal and reduce the chances of it getting bumped around while the implant fused to the bone.









Here we see the OCO Biomedical 3.25 x 16mm small diameter implant in place.  It is in two pieces; the part that you see that is in the gum and bone and the part that is not attached yet.   That part that will be screwed into the body of the implant is called the abutment.  The abutment is what you see coming out of the gum and is what the crown is cemented to, just like your natural tooth. 









Here we see the OCO implant in place without the abutment.  A cover screw will keep the inside of the implant free from debris while it heals into the bone. 





Of course we are not going to let our patient walk around without a tooth.   A Hawley retainer being used to hold in a denture canine tooth that covers the implant during the healing process.





Paresh B Patel

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Mini Dental Implants or Regular Implants to Replace Missing Teeth with Crowns


This is a question I get quite often.  I think the answer is both.  It just depends on the bone, the patient, what the final goals are (financial, aesthetic, function, additional procedures that may be necessary….etc…the list could go on and on). 

My patient was missing one of her molars and the premolar in front of that.





On the lower jaw she was missing her very last molar.  Typically I would not want to replace that tooth with a dental implant but she felt like her chewing was suffering without it. 













In this case I decided to replace the missing teeth with traditional size implants due to the soft bone that was found in the upper jaw.  The implants were placed and allowed to heal, undisturbed under the gum.  This also allowed her to accumulate her finances to finish the procedure with porcelain crowns. 


Almost a year later, she was ready to finish up. A set of abutments (the part of the implant the comes up out of the gum in a regular or traditional implant) were screwed into the implant.  Impressions were taken and the lab made these two crowns for her upper two implants. 






The same thing was done for the lower implant as well.  The last tooth on the left is the implant crown.  The crown on the right is on a natural tooth. 



Suzie Bruxzir 13 14 18 Implant Crowns


Before and After the implants and crowns were placed. 






In conclusion, you should talk to your dentist to see what options are out there for you to replace your missing teeth.  Lots of times patients get misinformation or think that unskilled dentists place mini dental implants.  We offer both solutions and place the dental implant that makes the most logical choice.  Both styles (mini or regular) will work for a multitude of solutions.  Start your jouney today and replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

Paresh B Patel

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