Replace a Missing Canine Tooth with a Small Diameter Implant


Who would want to walk around with a missing canine (eye tooth)?  Well if you have never been presented the option of using a mini or small diameter dental implant then that just might be you. 




Some spaces are just small enough that a regular size dental implant (around 4mm in diameter) just won't work well.  This is one of those cases.  Could I have placed a 3.0mm mini dental implant here? I think so.  However to give the implant the best chance of healing I decided to place a two piece implant.  One that I could leave right a gum level to heal and reduce the chances of it getting bumped around while the implant fused to the bone.









Here we see the OCO Biomedical 3.25 x 16mm small diameter implant in place.  It is in two pieces; the part that you see that is in the gum and bone and the part that is not attached yet.   That part that will be screwed into the body of the implant is called the abutment.  The abutment is what you see coming out of the gum and is what the crown is cemented to, just like your natural tooth. 









Here we see the OCO implant in place without the abutment.  A cover screw will keep the inside of the implant free from debris while it heals into the bone. 





Of course we are not going to let our patient walk around without a tooth.   A Hawley retainer being used to hold in a denture canine tooth that covers the implant during the healing process.





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Dental Implants to get rid of a Upper Partial Denture

If you are missing a few teeth and wear a partial denture I can empathise with your situation. 

Who wants to wear all that metal and plastic in their mouth if there was another option?



Typical design of a cast metal partial denture. 

Metal hooks that are visible around the teeth that it holds onto.




If this describes your situation then you should consider dental implants – mini dental implants or traditional. 



My patient without her upper partial denture in.  She is missing her front three teeth and the tooth behind her canine tooth.





4 mini dental implants were placed with minimal surgery (no cutting of the gum, no stitches)  The temporary crown is on the mini dental implant behind the canine tooth (right side of picture).




Temporary crowns in place over the mini dental implants.  My patient gets to leave without her partial denture.  I will let her 'test drive' the temporary crowns for a few weeks.  Any changes we want to make to the look of the crowns can then be communicated to the dental lab that will make the final mini dental implant crowns.  The 'test drive' period also allows me to assess the function and phonetics (how her speach is). 




X ray of the OCO Biomedical mini dental implant used to replace the missing premolar tooth.






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