Mini Dental Implants Can Replace a Broken Upper Tooth with a Fixed Porcelain Crown

What do you do when an upper tooth that has had a root canal just breaks one day?

Broken upper tooth

Broken upper premolar tooth.  The root is fractured under the gum tissue.







X ray root canal Extraction

X ray and extraction of the broken tooth









OCO mini dental implant


The broken tooth is removed carefully to preserve as much bone as possible.  A OCO Biomedical 3.0mm mini dental implant is placed the same day as the extraction.  With the design of the OCO mini implant it is able to achieve high initial stability.  Enough to place a temporary crown to shape the tissue during healing.








Oco mini day of placement


Clinical photo of the OCO Biomedical implant the day of placement.





Tissue healed

Tissue after shaping and healing with a temporary crown.  The temporary crown was removed to check healing…pink healthy gum tissue with no bleeding.  A standard crown impression will be taken and a porcelain crown will be made to fit over the mini dental implant.



Crown in place

Porcelain crown cemented in place over the OCO Biomedical mini dental implant.  The patient will brush and floss the mini dental implant crown just like any other tooth. 

With a mini dental implant there are lots of solutions that can be offered to patients.




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Implant Dentistry a Great Way to Replace Missing Teeth with OCO Mini One Piece Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants are a cost effective way to replace them with fixed crowns or bridges.  With the advent of the mini dental implant and the one piece traditional size dental implants you now can have teeth back once again. 



Missing Premolar and Canine teeth shown on the patients pan x-ray.  She has had a few mini dental implants and crowns already.







It looks like a wide ridge with plenty of bone.  But with a 3D i-CAT scan we see something different.







The ridge of bone is only 3.0mm wide at the top.  Choices are to widen the bone, flatten it a bit (both of these would require a bit more surgery and healing time).  Or to consider using a one piece mini dental implant by OCO Biomedical.






A OCO 3.0mm one piece mini dental implant was selected and placed with no surgical flap of gum tissue and minimal trauma to the area.







The OCO one piece mini dental implants were prepped in the mouth with light pressure (water and air spray).







An optical scan was taken of the prepped one piece mini dental implant for First Impressions Dental Lab to make the porcelain crowns.







All porcelain crowns prior to cementation.








Crowns in place over the OCO Biomedical one piece dental implants.






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One Piece Dental Implant ~ OCO Biomedical ISI Extraction & Immediate Placement

In keeping with our mission at my dental office we try to make implant dentistry affordable to those patients that have not been able to move forward with their treatment. 

I have been thrilled to find a one piece dental implant in a regular or traditional implant size.  The OCO Biomedical ISI dental implant offers me the option of using a larger implant that does not require additional parts.  The abutment(the part of the implant that comes up out of the gum) is made right along with the body of the dental implant(the part that is inserted into the bone). OCO ISI implant

This offers me the things I like about mini dental implants:

  • One piece design
  • No additional parts to buy
  • No microgap
  • Prepping of the abutment in the mouth is part of the insertion protocol
  • No surgical flap is recommended
  • Less trauma
  • Less healing for the patient
  • Increase in affordability for patients
  • Ease of placement….

My next patient was missing his upper eye tooth and the little tooth next to it was fractured and need to be extracted.Pre op buccal view

Of course there was a lot else going on but this is where we decided to start after getting his periodontal condition as stable as possible. 




Using some PDL-vators from Salvin Dental Supply I removed the tooth with minimal trauma.

Pdl to remove #7


Peritome to seperate the PDL fibers from the tooth that needed to be extracted. 





7 extracted socket


Extraction socket with the tooth removed.  Notice very little trauma to the soft gum tissue.




#8 marking bur  Tissue punch 4.0mm  Pilot bit 1.8mm w drill stop  R11

The same insertion protocol was used for the OCO One Piece Dental Implant as I would do for a mini dental implant.  Its called logical progression.  If you can place a mini dental implant; add one more bone former and you can put in a one piece regular implant.  I try to follow the philosophy of selecting a implant that will fit the bone NOT make the bone fit the implant with additional surgical procedures. 

Parallel pin in  Oco isi 4.0 yellow cap in Thumb driver clinical  Socket wrench

The same concept is applied to the Mini Dental Implant that will be placed into the extraction site.  It is is one piece dental implant like the OCO ISI 4.0 x 14mm that was placed to act the the root for the missing eye tooth. 

We are going to place a OCO i-mini 3.0 x 16mm to get at a minimum 3mm past the end of the root of the tooth that was extracted.  This is to ensure stability of our mini dental implant for the temporary crown.

3.0 yellow cap  3.0 thumb driver  R12

With both the traditional one piece dental implant and the mini dental implant in place we can make the temporary crowns to fit over them while they heal.  You can see on the xray that the mini dental implant has gone past the tip of the extraction socket.  The regular size OCO ISI one piece dental implant is firm with over 50ncm of torque. 

Temps 6 7 close up

Two temporary acrylic crowns are made and cemented over the OCO one piece dental implants.  Once the tissue heals in around the extraction site and fills in with bone the final impression will be made for First Impressions Dental Lab to make the Porcelain Crowns over the mini dental implant as well as the regular one piece implant. 



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