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We love helping patients in the Charlotte Hickory area who are missing teeth with dental implants.  My next patient came to see me missing his front tooth.  He did not want to get the teeth on either side ground down for a bridge.  

IMG_0091My patients smile with the missing front tooth.  As you can expect its hard to feel good about yourself with a missing front tooth!







X02003A dental implant was placed to act as the root for the missing front tooth.  Once it heals an abutment will be placed (the part that will come out of the gum) for the final porcelain crown to be attached to.











IMG_0136The implant was placed without having to make any cuts in the gum….so in a few weeks everything is ready to go for the final crown impressions. Here we can see the protective cover cap has been removed and the gum tissue is looking good for the final abutment.



IMG_0156The final porcelain implant crown is made at the dental lab.  In this case extra care was taken to add in special staining and texture to match the adjacent front tooth.  If these characterizations were not placed the front tooth would look fake and too white.  However it is up to the patient to decide what color they wish to have.









IMG_0153The porcelain implant crown shown here on the custom abutment.  There is a precise fit of the crown to the abutment.  This will keep the gum in good health and allow the patient to brush and floss the implant crown just like any other tooth in his mouth.  




IMG_0163Implant crown placed and now he can SMILE once again.  






Slide1What a huge difference getting a dental implant can make.  No more partial denture, no more taking something out of your mouth to clean everynight.  

Eat the foods you enjoy, smile as much as you want without the fear someone will notice your missing tooth. Let us help you enjoy the benefits that dental implants can offer.  Our offices for dental implants are near Charlotte NC and Hickory NC



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No More Loose Dentures with Dental Implants ~Charlotte Today


Paresh B Patel DDS interview on Charlotte Today Show on Dental Implants to secure in a snap in upper denture. 

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Mini Dental Implants


No More Loose Dentures ~ Mini Dental Implants by MiniMark Can Help..but not Cost Effectively

Having a set of loose or ill fitting dentures can create a whole set of problems.  These problems can include cosmetic issues (the first things people see is your smile) and function(how well you can eat).



Sometimes my patients walk in what several sets of dentures they have had made over the years.  The first thing all of them say is that none of them fit.  I think its not that the dentures never fit it is that the dentures had nothing to hold them in place!  Thus the need for dental implants to secure in dentures.


So while some people come in to get their smile back ~ others come in to be able to function (eat) again.  I think with mini dental implants you can get both.  The ability to smile again.  The ability to eat the foods you enjoyed (salads, steaks, fresh vegetables).  Your diet will improve as you no longer have to swallow chunks of food. 


You self esteem will be regained as you now don't have to wonder what can I eat at the party or family outing.  You now don't have to wonder are my dentures going to fall out at the sporting event as you cheer, or sing at church.

So consider mini dental implants to secure in your dentures. At around 1/2 the cost of traditional implants with little to no pain its a safe and effective procedure. 

When you come to see us you only have to see one Doctor.  We place the mini dental implant and fit your denture with the snaps in the same office.  One Doctor means fewer visits and reduced costs.


Greatly increase the aesthetics of your smile with secure mini dental implant retained dentures.  You will look years younger.




The right set of mini dental implant retained dentures will also allow you to have proper function (chewing your food properly and the ability to speak correctly). 


MiniMark Implants

This case was done with MiniMark Implants.  2 mini dental implants in the front and 2 traditional size implants in the back.  All of the MiniMark implants have Zest Locator attachments that allow the denture to 'snap' into the mouth.  Once that is done and the implants heal the denture can be converted into a horseshoe shape for even more comfort. 

As a General Dentist I am pleased with the Zest Locator but I am extremely dissapointed in the price point of the MiniMark Implant.  It averages about 3 to 4 times the costof a comparable mini dental implant.  3M IMTEC, Intra Lock, OCO Biomedical all make excellent mini dental implants for lower and upper dentures at a more attractive price point.  With a lower price point more patients can move forward with implant retained dentures…something just not possible with the mini mark implant system.

The competitors to ACE Surgical mini mark implants offer surgical setups that allow Dentists to place a wider assortment of dental implants.  I must ask why any Dentist would want to invest several thousand dollars into a system that limits their ability so much?  With that kind of investment you could place minis to small diameter to larger size implants and not have to have several placement kits. 

I encourage any Dentist who does not place dental implants to learn how.  There are several good one day seminars on how to place mini dental implants.  These include seminars from Todd Shatkin, Ben Oppenheimer or mine (  OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implant Seminar ).

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Dental Implants to Replace a Missing Back Molar

Are you missing a back tooth?  Then you should consider getting a dental implant.  A dental implant acts as the root of the tooth and can allow for a crown to be placed over the implant.  No need to grind down healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth for a bridge.

Before xray

X ray of my patient showing the missing upper molar tooth.  One option would have been to grind away healthy tooth to create room for a bridge.  The teeth on either side of the missing tooth would have to be drilled on for a 'crown' and that would hold in the bridge.

With a dental implant we can save healthy tooth structure by not having to shape the adjacent natural teeth.  In some cases it can cost less to do a dental implant and crown instead of a bridge.

L verdi OCO 6 x 6


Final pan x-ray of a OCO two piece 6mm x 6mm dental implant placed to act as the root of a missing upper molar tooth.



Healing cap


Clinical picture of the same OCO two piece dental implant with a healing cap.  This is the day of placement.  Notice the lack of blood or stitches or the gum having to be cut and pushed back.  This traditional size dental implant is placed in the same fashion as a mini dental implant.  Very little surgery, very little discomfort and post operative pain for the patients.  Because the bone in this case was very soft I decided to use a regular sized traditional two piece dental implant. 



3Minis #3


If the bone had been dense I could have placed multiple mini dental implants to support the molar crown as shown in this case.  Both solutions work and work well.  It is really a choice for the patient and dentist on what can be done and at what cost (economic, time, and potential discomfort).




This implant will heal for several months (12-16 weeks) before we can 'load' it with a crown.  In the case shown above with the mini dental implants because there was good dense bone I was able to place the crown over the implants in 3 weeks.  The mini implant crown has been in function now for over a year.

I will continue the post to show the abutment (the part of the implant that comes up out of the gum for the crown to attach to) and final porcelain crown.

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Mini Dental Implant Bridge ~ Full Arch Roundhouse Crowns for Fixed Teeth

What do patients that have no teeth really want?  Is it dental implants?  Crowns?  Implant supported dentures?  NO…they want their teeth.  For right now that is not something that dentistry can give back to them…  However we can get pretty close with some mini dental implants and a well thought out and fabricated full arch roundhouse bridge of porcelain crowns. 

Cosmetic upper denture

When we decide make a full arch of teeth over mini dental implants I like to make a well fitting denture to begin with.  It is our blueprint for what the final crowns should look like.  The patient can approve in the denture the color, size, esthetics, function, speech, etc….all before we make the investment in the final porcelain bridge.






Once the provisional denture is approved by the patient all the diagnostic information is sent to the Dental Lab for the final planning. This case was done with Evolution Dental Lab.  A guide stent is made for the placement of the mini dental implants.  This is done off the Cone Beam 3D x-ray scan to ensure the dental implants are placed in sound bone and will allow for the crowns to be placed in the correct approved position.




A wax mock up of the final design is made on the stone cast over the mini dental implants.  This mock up will be duplicated in putty so I can make the patient in their mouth a temporary set of teeth to confirm everything once more.






Surgical guide for the placement of the mini dental implants.







OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants in place ready to have the temporary bridge made.




Denture Chairside temp bridge


The temporary is made…notice how similar it looks to the approved denture.  Since we have worked out most of the details of esthetics and function in the denture all I need to do is place the dental implants the the predetermined positions and copy the denture into the temporary bridge.  The patient leaves that day without the denture.  He has a fixed set of teeth to chew and smile with.  Any slight changes, if needed, are made and the dental lab can make the final bridge.


The final mini dental implant bridge was made in two pieces.  There is an exact fit to this bridge.  Notice the multicolor pink porcelain to frame the porcelain crowns. 





Back teeth for the mini dental implant roundhouse bridge.





Final bridge over the OCO Biomedical dental implants. 






Mini Dental Implant Bridge cemented in patients mouth…day of placement.







Lip retracted view of the mini dental implant bridge.  Notice the intimate fit of the pink porcelain to the gum tissue.  The patient can floss or waterpick between each mini dental implant. 



Steve with his new teeth the day of placement.  He has a full arch of mini dental implants and a fixed non removable set of Porcelain crowns.  Solutions similar to this start at $12,999.  This includes the implants and the crowns. 

What a wonderful way to get rid of your dentures and get back to living you life enjoying the things you want to do. 

Without the advent of mini dental implants solutions like this would require a commitment of around $20,000 with more time/discomfort.

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OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants for Single Tooth Porcelain Crowns

Do you have a partial denture or are missing teeth?  In some cases mini dental implants by OCO Biomedical can help you regain your teeth back in a very easy and cost effective way.


My patient had a lower partial that his wife called his 'church teeth'….as in he hated them and would only put the partial denture in when he went to Church. 



Without partial denture


Lower ridge without his lower partial denture in place.




ICAT OCO mini 25

I decided to use Mini Dental Implants due to the thin ridge of bone that was left.  Once teeth are extracted the bone will melt away over time.  Adding a partial denture will accelerate this process by the constant rubbing on the gum tissue. 

This x ray shows the OCO Biomedical Implant in place.  Notice how thin the bone is.  If we did not have the option of using mini dental implants then either this case would not have been possible or the patient would have to have an additional surgical procedure to expand the bone or add a block of bone to the existing lower jaw.  Both of which will increase expense, time, healing and discomfort. 


OCO mini implants lower jaw

OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants.  These are 2.2mm Square Crown Versions.  2 are in place and the process will be continued for the additional two.  These will support 4 individual lower front teeth crowns.




OCO minis


All 4 OCO one piece mini dental implants a few weeks later before the crown seat appointment.  Notice how the gum tissue is climbing up the mini implants.  I will re-contour the gum with a soft tissue laser. 


Porcelain crowns

The 4 individual mini dental implant porcelain crowns from First Impressions Dental Lab





Mini Dental Implant crowns internal


Mini Dental Implant Crowns.  They are made to fit precisely over the OCO Biomedical one piece mini implants. 




Mini Dental Implant Crowns on model

4 Crowns on the i-Tero scanned model.  These crowns were designed and milled out of a solid piece of Zirconia Porcelain. 





Mini implant crowns in mouth

4 individual mini dental implant crowns in the mouth.  They are cemented over the OCO Mini Dental Implants. 



Day of insertion


View with lower lip retracted.  Photo is the day of the crowns being cemented in place, after the excess gum was shaped with the soft tissue laser.


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Ace Surgical Mini Dental Implant Full Arch Roundhouse Bridge

Can dental implants be affordable?  My next patient wanted to get rid of his dentures and have a fixed set of crowns or a full arch roundhouse bridge on dental implants.  He brought his treatment plan for 8 dental implants and a set of 12 porcelain crowns… cost a bit north of $28,000.  With mini dental implants we could reduce that cost and still have a well engineered bridge. 


He had a nice ridge of bone to work with.  It would not need any pre surgery to accommodate dental implants.  With some planning with Jon Younce CDT at First Impressions Dental Lab a logical progression treatment plan was formulated that was restorative driven. 







Pre pan 1

His pan x-ray also showed good bone with the sinus cavity totally dropped down where the back teeth were in the upper jaw.  There was also a retained set of root tips that would need to be removed on the upper right.





Using his upper denture as a guide I made holes in the center of each back tooth and the lingual of the front teeth to ensure the mini dental implants would line up correctly for the final roundhouse full arch bridge.







10 ACE Surgical Mini Prep 2.3mm implants were placed in the upper arch.  They were placed as parallel as possible to allow for proper draw of the final roundhouse full arch bridge.

His denture was soft lined to fit over the ACE Surgical Mini Dental Implants. 







A regular crown and bridge impression was taken of the 10 ACE Surgical Mini Dental Implants.  No additional impression copings or lab analogs were used.  With mini dental implants we can create a more efficient and cost effective solution for patients by reducing parts and pieces that are normally required with traditional dental implants.






A standard crown and bridge model was poured in Pol-u-rock by the lab and a set of trial resin crowns were made to let the patient 'test drive' the crowns.









Lab fabricated resin temporary crowns ready to try in and have the patient give us his feedback on esthetics, function, comfort and color.










It was decided after a few days that the temporary crowns were too long. The patient also had Bell's Palsy and we decided to try and correct the slant.  This photograph shows one side of the temporary crowns shortened to the new lenght for the lab to see our corrections.  I shapedthe other side and let the patient go home to 'test drive' them again for final approval.



Reshaped temps and final photos for the lab to duplicate the arcylic temps in porcelain for the full arch bridge

IMG_1659  IMG_1692  IMG_1693



Final porcelain bridge back from the lab.  It is in three sections.









Final porcelain bridge cemented over 10 ACE Surgical Mini Prep Mini Dental Implants.








Full smile with the bridge in place.







James post zirc roundhouse


Final pan x-ray with the 10 Ace Surgical Mini Dental Implants with the 12 units of bridge work cemented over them.  Our plan is to do a lower mini dental implant overdenture that will be converted to a bridge over time as $$ can be invested.


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