Mini Dental Implants or Regular Implants to Replace Missing Teeth with Crowns


This is a question I get quite often.  I think the answer is both.  It just depends on the bone, the patient, what the final goals are (financial, aesthetic, function, additional procedures that may be necessary….etc…the list could go on and on). 

My patient was missing one of her molars and the premolar in front of that.





On the lower jaw she was missing her very last molar.  Typically I would not want to replace that tooth with a dental implant but she felt like her chewing was suffering without it. 













In this case I decided to replace the missing teeth with traditional size implants due to the soft bone that was found in the upper jaw.  The implants were placed and allowed to heal, undisturbed under the gum.  This also allowed her to accumulate her finances to finish the procedure with porcelain crowns. 


Almost a year later, she was ready to finish up. A set of abutments (the part of the implant the comes up out of the gum in a regular or traditional implant) were screwed into the implant.  Impressions were taken and the lab made these two crowns for her upper two implants. 






The same thing was done for the lower implant as well.  The last tooth on the left is the implant crown.  The crown on the right is on a natural tooth. 



Suzie Bruxzir 13 14 18 Implant Crowns


Before and After the implants and crowns were placed. 






In conclusion, you should talk to your dentist to see what options are out there for you to replace your missing teeth.  Lots of times patients get misinformation or think that unskilled dentists place mini dental implants.  We offer both solutions and place the dental implant that makes the most logical choice.  Both styles (mini or regular) will work for a multitude of solutions.  Start your jouney today and replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

Paresh B Patel

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