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Do you have a missing tooth? Tired of the black gap between your teeth? Or do you have a bulky hard to wear partial.  They you should consider a dental implant and a crown to replace that missing tooth.  Come see Dr. Paresh at our office near Charlotte and Hickory NC to see if you are a good candidate for implant crowns. 

If you have enough bone an implant can be placed to act as a new 'root'.  An abutment is placed into the implant to support a natural looking crown.  A huge advantage is that dental implants can prevent your adjacent teeth from having to be cut down for a bridge.  Your natural teeth can be kept…..looking natural.  Dr Paresh does this kind of implant dentistry; call our office for a complimentary consultation at 704-799-0552. 

Watch as Dr. Paresh helps one of his patients replace his two front missing teeth with dental implants and porcelain crowns.  Not only can this patient now eat, smile and talk better he gets to throw that bulky partial away!


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The Mini Implant has Arrived ~ Dentures, Crowns, Bridges & More…

I think someone told me that Dr. Christensen said that in an article in 2006….well its been 4 years since that statement and the mini dental implant is good for lots more than holding down a lower denture.

Mini Dental Implants can stabilize lower dentures of course.  But they can also do the same for upper dentures.  However I think most Dr.s and patients are missing the boat if they don't think that mini implants can be of service in other areas.

Mini Implants I think have their best uses to replace missing teeth.  That can be in the form of a mini implant crown or a mini implant bridge. 

Broken Tooth & Missing Tooth

Our patient who has come in with a broken tooth that has had a root canal and a missing tooth behind it.  Great spot in my mind for a mini dental implant instead of removing the gold crown on the molar to place a bridge.  In addition the mini dental implant will…hold bone and gum tissue in place and remove lots of stress on a root canal tooth by not having to place a bridge.

Mini Dental Implant placed

I like to place two mini dental implants to hold a molar sized crown.   You can see how little tooth we have left on the broken down premolar. 

2 Intra Lock Mini Implants in this case.

But all mini dental implants work…IMTEC, OCO Biomedical, etc…

Mini Dental Implant Crown Picture

Porcelain to Metal Crowns in place.  The molar crown is on 2 Mini Dental Implants.  The premolar crown is on the root canal tooth.   

All in all I must say that I have been impressed with the ability of mini dental implants to solve so many issues for such a large set of dental patients. 

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