Extraction and Immediate Placement of OCO Mini Dental Implant

What are mini dental implants good for?  I would say lots of things; like immediate use, less cost than a regular dental implant,less trauma, less pain, less healing and more immediate satsifaction for both me as the dentist and the patient. 

Before OCO i-mini


Before a one piece mini dental implant, like the OCO i-mini and OCO i-micro existed, I would have been tempted to do some heroic dentistry.  In this case a post, crown lengthening and a porcelain crown.  In a few years this patient would be back in my dental chair with my crown in her hand and we both would be frustrated.









Pre Implant Therapy


Clinical view of the broken lower front tooth.  In this case even if I wanted to do a bridge it would have been a bad idea.  The adjacent tooth (the one on the left side of the broken tooth) was part of her bridge that extends back to the molar.





So off to the OCO Biomedical tool-chest of goodies that Chris Sanchez sent me.  I found a 3.0 x 16mm mini dental implant.  Ahh…..this would work well here.

With some Salvin Peritomes (sharp dental extraction instruments used to removed the broken tooth with minimal trauma) I proceeded to extract the root.Root extracted


Root out socket



With the tooth root out and the bone on both sides still intact I decided to continue with the OCO mini dental implant placement.





OCO twist drill

To be certain I was keeping in line with the adjacent teeth and roots I took a dental x-ray with the pilot bit in place.  Looks like we were in good shape to place the OCO mini dental implant.











OCO mini in


OCO Biomedical i-mini 3.0 x 16mm one piece dental implant in place with the machined collar right below gum level.






OCO mini in 2


OCO mini dental implant in line with the adjacent teeth.  In keeping the dental implant in the correct angle it would be easy to make a temporary tooth while the gum tissue healed.






Temp on


Temporary crown in place over the OCO Biomedical mini dental implant….about 20 minutes after placing the mini implant.







Temp on 2








OCO mini 3.0 x 16mmi


Final x-ray of the OCO mini dental implant.  I will have the patient come back in 4 weeks to check gum healing around the mini implant.  If all looks good an impression will be made and First Impressions Dental Lab will make a porcelain crown to fit over the mini dental implant. 


I will post pictures of the crown once it is in place.

Paresh B Patel DDS  General & Implant Dentist Mooresville NC

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants ~ Extractions ~ Immediate Placement and Saving the Bone

Another good use for mini dental implants is when we have a failing bridge or a tooth that has had a failing root canal treatment.  Our next case is a patient that came to see us after having pain with her temporary bridge.  Her old bridge she told me was wobbling around and her dentist told her the post was weak and he needed to make the bridge longer…..only if we had met sooner that might not have been what she had chose to do. G8PBAUAAQB92

Failing RCT bridge


We can see on this x-ray (this is the x-ray she brought from her previous dentist before he removed the bridge and made it one tooth longer)the decay under the post that continues down the root on the tooth that has had the root canal treatment.  The root canal tooth was very mobile (as in when I took the bridge off to assess the teeth I could move the root in the bone. 


We covered all the options with the patient from a new bridge(her previous dentist has already made the decision to make a longer bridge for her that went to the canine tooth in front of the root canal tooth).  I told her I thought it would not be a good idea to keep the root canal tooth since is was already mobile. 

We talked about 2 traditional implants, or a few minis and single crowns on her natural teeth. 



She decided to let me extract the Root canal tooth.  There was enough destruction of bone on the cheek side that I explained to her that I would place some socket preservation material (a freezed dried mixture of bone) in the hole where the root was to help her body fill in that hole with good live bone so we could come back in 12 weeks and place a mini dental implant.



Bone graft

Here we have the socket preservation material in the extraction site.  Its easy to see how plump the ridge looks.  It will stay that way without caving in and will give us lots of good bone to put a mini dental implant. 




Mini dental implants secure prep

2 Mini Dental Implants in place to hold a molar size crown.  The mini dental implants will be shaped to allow room for her teeth to come together.  We will place a Porcelain crown over the mini dental implants. 




X ray mini dental implants X-ray of the two mini dental implants in place. 
The ghost image of where the root was will fill in with bone and in about 12 weeks we will add in another mini dental implant to support a crown. 





I will continue the post with the pictures of the crowns when we get the final mini dental implant in place and the crowns back from the lab. 

Paresh B Patel DDS  mini dental implants

Dentist Mooresville NC