Lower Denture with Implants~Dr. Paresh~Implant Dentist Charlotte Hickory NC

Watch how much more you can enjoy life with implants that securely hold in a snap in denture.  This short video shows the process step by step. 


We do this kind of implant dentistry everyday at our offices in Mooresville NC (near Charlotte NC) and Lenoir NC.  We also can place enough implants to make a fixed bridge that you do not have to remove.  Its like having your teeth again.  There are many options avaliable to fit your lifestyle and budget.   

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Implant Dentures to Improve your Life

This video shows how dental implants can help you improve your life with a secure set of dentures. 



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Glidewell Inclusive Mini Dental Implant Dentures

Upper lower Glidewell Inclusive Mini

So the big day is here for my patient.  She was one of the first that I tried the new Glidewell Inclusive Mini Dental Implants.  These mini implants will help to secure in a full upper and lower denture.  With Glidewell the 'snaps' come processed into the dentures. 



Mini implant smile

With Vicki in the chair I said, 'Open Wide' lets see if these snap in'  The upper went in, the lower was next.  My patient and I looked at each other…was that it?  Did they snap in?  She moved her lips and mouth around….they are in she said.


Right side


Smile from the right side.










The Glidewell Mini Dental Implant Dentures are a wonderful addition to have for secure snap in dentures.  From start to finish as a dentist it is nice to have one lab to offer a 'denture-in-a-box' concept.  Mini Dental Implants, wax rims, tooth try-in, final processing and retentive housings all for one price. 



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