Mini Dental Implant Cost

The cost of mini dental implants is around 1/2 that of a traditional dental implant.Picture_cost_benefit_analysis

However to me the true cost is not measured only in dollars.  It is in lots of other measures as well.

Other costs could include:

  • Loss of the ability to smile
  • Unable to find and keep a good job
  • Social situations are avoided – like going to church, cheering at your kids or grand kids sporting events
  • Inability to enjoy your favorite foods (steak, salads, crispy veggies)
  • Overall health suffers – ill chewed food puts stress on your digestive system and you absorb less of all the good stuff
  • Spending valuable $$ on Adhesives or Pastes to glue in your dentures
  • Constant sores in your gums
  • Yearly relines of your denture or partials

The cost of even missing one tooth is HUGE!  If one tooth is missing and not replaced 20% of the teeth next to it will be lost in the next 4 to 8 years.  This is one of the reasons that over 50 Million Americans have lost all their teeth. 

Mini Dental Implants for an Affordable Cost can:

Replace Single Teeth:  With a mini implant acting as the root of your missing tooth a porcelain crown can be made.  You do not remove this like a partial denture.  To you it is like having your natural tooth back.

Replace Multiple Teeth:  Several mini dental implants can be placed to form a porcelain bridge.  This will get rid of the gap where several teeth have been lost.  It does not require healthy teeth on either side to be ground down like a traditional bridge. 

Replace an Entire Row of Missing Upper or Lower Teeth:  In some cases 8-10 mini dental implants can be placed in the upper or lower jaws to support a full roundhouse bridge.  This will replace 10-12 missing teeth with a series of porcelain crowns that are connected and placed over the mini implants.  You will never need to use dental adhesives or pastes to hold teeth in again.  You also will have teeth that you do no remove.  You will have to brush and water pick to keep your new teeth clean.

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Broken Tooth replaced with a Mini Dental Implant and a Temporary Crown


 I am convinced that teeth know what day of the week it is.  Why is it always 5pm on Friday that teeth in the front smile area seem to break? 

I don't have a great answer but I do have some mini dental implants and some composite. 






The patient was given the option of a Root Canal Post and Crown or an extraction and a mini dental implant and Crown.  She elected to have the tooth removed.











I selected for this case a mini dental implant that has a high degree of initial stability due to its aggressive thread pattern and ability to lock in the bone at the tip.  It is an OCO Biomedical 3.0mm mini dental implant. 












OCO mini dental implant in place after the tooth root was removed preserving as much bone as possible.  The implant is a solid one piece design.






Temporary crown on the OCO mini dental implant.  I will let the implant heal and let the soft tissue (gums) and bone fill in.  That will take around 5-6 months.  After that time passes we will ask the lab to make her a new porcelain crown to fit over the mini dental implant.



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Mini Mark Mini Prep Implant ~ Small Diameter Implant for Small Crowns from Ace Surgical

What do you do when there is a small space between lower front teeth and you need a mini dental implant?  There are lots of choices out there, IMTEC MDI, Intra Lock, OCO Biomedical, HiOssen…all these companies make a nice mini dental implant. 


In this case I decided to try the Ace Surgical miniMarkMini Prep Implant.  It is 2.3mm in diameter and comes in various lengths.  The tooth in the center of the photograph was not restorable and had 360 degrees of decay. 




X ray of lower incisor that will be extracted and a Ace Surgical miniMark mini prep implant will be placed. 



Following our standard protocol of extracting teeth with periotomes or Golden Misch forceps the tooth was removed with little trauma to the gum and bone.  You will notice in subsequent pictures the lack of blood or having to cut the gum to place the mini dental implant for the final crown.







Mini Mark mini prep implant in its sterile container.




To place the mini mark implant the step drill was used to make a initial entry point to the bone.  Due to the adjacent teeth a drill extender was used to 'get around' those teeth and into the bone.  The mini mark placement kit does not include this drill extender.  Make certain you have one on hand or consider a different implant placement kit. 




mini Mark mini prep implant is now in the extraction site and fully seated using the contrangle implant motor and drill extender. 



I could not find on the distributors web page (Henry Schein Dental Supply) the restorative components for this mini implant system. 

New Picture

Most other mini dental implant manufacturers offer:

lab analogs

impression copings

temporary crown copings and/or comfort caps

This could be a limitation for easeof use for the miniMark mini prep system.

But we are not so easily frustrated and decided to come up with our own solution…not as easy as other mini dental implants but will work.


I decided to take an ION crown form one size smaller than needed to fashion my 'own temporary coping.'








The Dr. Patel miniMark temporary coping in place.  I cemented in over the miniMark mini prep with Temp Bond Clear and teased it on and off during the setting phase.  Notice how nice we were able to get the ION crown to fit around the gum and miniMark mini prep implant.  This could have also been done with Jet Arcylic as it will bond to the ION crown forms. The key is to create a coping that will form the gum tissue during the healing phase.





A few dabs of bonding agent, some composite was placed over the ion crown and a temporary crown that could come on and off was fabricated. The patient will return in 12 weeks for a tissue and implant assessment. 


Final X-ray of the miniMark mini prep implant in the extraction site for a lower incisor crown.  There needs to be at minimum 3mm past the apex of the root that was extracted to provide stability and enough bone to secure the dental implant. 





Final Thoughts

I think the mini Mark implant will work just fine.  What the General Dentist will need to assess is what kind of cases would he/she like to do?  If doing more than just a 2.3mm implant then one must consider a different implant system.  If doing a Locator style overdenture and a small implant here and there only then the ACE Surgical miniMark system will work. 

My challenge to General Dentists is why limit yourself to this? There are several mini dental implant systems that allow you to move forward in your implant choices, styles, features and sizes.   You can get the proper training and open up a world of possibilities to improve your patients lives and make dentistry exciting everyday. 

There are several good mini dental implant courses out there; find out which one is for you and get started.  As they say:  'The hardest part of getting started is…..getting started'

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Mini Dental Implants to Replace Missing Back Molar Teeth


Missing a back molar?  Don't want to wear a partial denture?  Have you been told you will need a sinus lift for a traditional implant?

In some cases all of these issues can be solved with a mini dental implant.





Robert pre micro


X-ray of the missing upper teeth.  Notice on the upper jaw the limited amount of bone that is left.





4 OCO crown and bridge head mini dental implants in place to anchor two molar size crowns.  A lot of times Dr.s ask me why are you putting in two mini implants to replace one tooth instead of one larger one?  My answer (best worded by my friend Dr. Chow) is lets replace the upper molar tooth by replacing it with the most anatomically and biologically correct position of the missing roots.  2 or 3 implants to disperse the force the way the body originally had it.



The 4 mini dental implants are inserted with 2 engaging the palatal(roof of the mouth side) slope of bone.  The other 2 engage the buccal(cheek side of the bone).  This way we avoid the sinus cavity and have primary stability from the day of placement.  This is the original positions of the roots the mini dental implant will replace.  These mini dental implants had over 40ncm of torque day of placement.




I often get asked questions on how can patients keep the crowns clean.  Each crown has a 'flossing groove' built into the anatomy.  This will help the patient guide the water pic or floss threader. 










Floss in between the mini dental implants to confirm removal of excess cement and to demonstrate to the patient how to use the floss threader or water pic.







Crowns in place and floss removed. 

Implants are not teeth.  The assumption that a dental implant should be the size of the root it replaces should be reexamined.  Titanium alloy provides a level of strength in a smaller size than a tooth root does.  We should place into our patients the minimum amount of foreign substance (titanium dental implants)  required to maximize the vital bone supporting and surrounding the implants.  For a good class on learning how to place implants click here:  Simple Implant Placement Course & Hands on Seminar



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Intra Lock Mini Dental Implant to Replace a Missing Tooth with a Crown

With over 75 Million Americans missing at least one tooth I am amazed that there are not more mini dental implants being placed.



Typical of what most patients who are missing teeth have.  A empty spot somewhere in the middle of their teeth….just past the smile line.  If they smile big enough you see the empty space.  This is easily and painlessly corrected with 2 short visits to the dentist and a mini dental implant and crown.





In this patient case a Intra Lock MILO 3.0mm mini dental implant was placed from Shatkin FIRST.  No surgery, no flap of gum tissue was cut, no bone was added.  Just a simple procedure to gently rotate the mini dental implant into the gum.  A small dental bit was used to create a opening in the gum the size of a pencil lead. Notice the lack of bleeding or trauma to the surrounding gum tissue.


Internal view of the Porcelain to Metal crown that will be cemented over the mini dental implant.  Sometimes I am asked is there a fit to the crown?  In this case there is a true fit, the crown will not rotate as it intimately adapts to the square base on the mini dental implant.










Porcelain crown by First Impressions Dental Labcemented over the Intra Lock Mini Dental Implant.






Final x-ray of the crown over the mini dental implant.  Easy to place, easy for the patient to keep clean and a cost effective way for patients to consider dental implants that otherwise would just walk around with a missing tooth. 

Implant dentistry is not just for the wealthy.  It is and should be for everyone. Technology and forward thinking dentists such as Todd Shatkin have created a solution that most patients need and most dentists can perform.  Easy implant placement courses to consider:

Mini Dental Implant Seminars

OCO Dental Implant Hands On Seminars

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Mini Dental Implants to solve problems

I got a phone call last night from a Dentist friend of mine in Buffalo NY (one of the worlds best respected Mini Dental Implant clinicians).  He had a patient of his from years ago that had a Resin Bonded Bridge that had now failed. 

She was an interesting young lady in grad school at UNC-Chapel Hill….of course she was in tears that she had lost her front tooth.  IMG_7697

 What to do?  I got her numb and sounded the bone in the missing tooth area…very thin…hardly any bone left to work with in the Lip to roof of the mouth direction.  IMG_7698

Knowing full well that this patient would end up back in the office of the guy who has restored the most mini implants in the US I felt a bit of pressure to get it as correct as possible.

The patient agreed to let me put a mini dental implant in to hold her resin bonded bridge in place until she could get back home and then have the permanent crown made over the mini implant.

So I put in a 2.0 x 15mm Intra Lock mini implant to hold the bridge.  It was fairly easy to grind out a hole in the pontic and fit it over the mini…whew!IMG_7701
I filled in the one wing that was not broken and the hole I created in the pontic with resin cement.  She left so happy and excited.  She had a tooth until a new one could be made for her.

Now for me to see how I did….

The assistant put my mentors patient in the iCAT CT chair and a few nail biting moments later I could see if I had threaded the bone and kept the mini in between the bone and not in air or soft tissue.

IMP^PAN^R^Lisa_Raymond^20100316^000 The Pan x-ray looked good, plenty of bone between the implant and the adjacent roots.

Now for the CT slices…

MPR^EXP^R^Lisa_Raymond^20100316^000 MPR^EXP^R^Lisa_Raymond^20100316^001
We had kept the 2.0mm implant within the 2.5mm of available bone…man was I glad.  




Mini Dental Implant Molar Crown ~One Mini Dental Implant per root Part II

As promised here are the photos for the mini implant crown to replace a missing molar tooth.  In this example of using mini implants for a crown 3 minis were used to replace the three roots on the missing upper molar.3MinisforMolarCrown

3 Intra Lock Mini Dental Implants in tooth #3 position

We have been using the iTERO dental scanner for 20 months now and decided to see how it would scan muliple mini dental implants.  I did take a traditional impression as a backup and also to verify the fit of the mini implant crown.  IMG_7597 IMG_7596

I discussed the case with Valdi at Shatkin FIRST Lab's and he felt like there should be no issue with the case using the iTERO scan.  He built the case just like any other one he does on a daily basis. 


iTero model of 3 mini dental implants


FIRST Lab Mini Dental Implant PFM Molar #3


Mini Implant Crown next to a standard crown


Mini Dental Implant Molar Crown Chewing Surface View


Mini Dental Implant Crown Side View

3Minis #3

X-ray of Molar Crown on 3 Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant Crowns ~ Mini Dental Implant Bridge ~ Mini Impants Do they Hurt Part II

Ok…so more than 6 weeks have passed since the blog about the mini dental implants and do they hurt.  But the patient has finally come back and we took the impression for her crowns.  If you need to scroll down to the original post you can see the teeth that were extracted and the mini dental implants that were placed.

I really wanted to do some Porcelain crowns over the mini implants but $$$ were scarce in this case so a decision was made to use lab fabricated resin crowns.  I took a standard Poly Vinyl impression and sent the case to Shatkin FIRST LabIMG_7566.

Nothing new required for me as the dentist.  From there FIRST Labs places the mini dental implant analog into the impression and makes a replica of what is in the mouth.

IMG_7565 The following set of pictures are the resin crowns on the lab mini dental implant model.  I will take clinical photos of the mini dental implant crowns cemented in place in 2 weeks.

IMG_7567 IMG_7569 IMG_7571

Expand the Bone or not to Expand the bone? That is the question

Mini Dental Implants for Single Crown


Our patient today, as it seems like most these days…seem to know WAY more about implant placement than I would have ever thought.

Charlotte had braces years ago and was going to get an implant to replace her missing lower premolar tooth.  X00299 As we all know, life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you and she never got the implant and crown.  Over that period of time the molar tipped forward a bit into the space. 

More importantly the width of the missing tooth area collapsed (cheek to tongue distance).  Charlotte had already did her research on bone splitting and bone block grafting as an option to place a traditional implant.  She decided to consider getting a mini implant as an alternative to those procedures and have a PFM crown placed as the final restoration. 

We talked about her options and she elected to have the mini implant placed.  SC Ridge Collapse Mini Dental Implant placed in thin ridge

SC Side View
 With Charlotte's permission guiding planes were made on the two adjacent teeth.  This also helped to upright the tipped molar for a better contact area for the PFM mini implant crown. 

X-ray mini implantIntra Lock MDI 2.0 x 10mm in place and above the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Canal

I will continue the post with pictures of the Mini Implant Crown in place.

The impression of the mini dental implant was sent to First Impressions Dental Lab for the fixed crown.  Mini Dental Implant Lab