Mini Dental Implants to Replace Missing Teeth – Easy Quick & Cost Effective


 My next patient was a young 27 year old.  She had such a lovely personality; but she would not smile.  How sad. Her story was typical….lost her teeth at a young age due and now wanted to do something just for her.

Photos of her missing teeth right and left sides.








On my first glance it looked like she had lots of bone to place implants.  But on further investigation by doing some ridge mapping (the process where the dentist numbs the gum tissue and feels with a perio probe to see what is gum tissue and what is bone) it was determined that lots of bone had been lost over the years. 

Bone grafting or bone splitting was presented as an option but not accepted. 

The next alternative was to consider using mini dental implants to support a set of splinted or connected crowns.  

Mini implants thin ridge

Two mini implants were placed to act as roots for crowns.  The crowns will be connected together to splint the mini implants together.  On the right and left sides they will look like premolar teeth.  Over time additional mini dental implants will be added to replace the molars. 





Final x-ray of the mini dental implants in place. 







CT slices

Cone Bean Scan x-ray to show how thin the bone is and the mini dental implants all in bone to the floor of the sinus cavity.  Without having mini implants this case would not have an alternative option for most patients to consider. 

I will finish the post once the premolar crowns come back from the dental lab and are cemented in place.

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Replace a Missing Canine Tooth with a Small Diameter Implant


Who would want to walk around with a missing canine (eye tooth)?  Well if you have never been presented the option of using a mini or small diameter dental implant then that just might be you. 




Some spaces are just small enough that a regular size dental implant (around 4mm in diameter) just won't work well.  This is one of those cases.  Could I have placed a 3.0mm mini dental implant here? I think so.  However to give the implant the best chance of healing I decided to place a two piece implant.  One that I could leave right a gum level to heal and reduce the chances of it getting bumped around while the implant fused to the bone.









Here we see the OCO Biomedical 3.25 x 16mm small diameter implant in place.  It is in two pieces; the part that you see that is in the gum and bone and the part that is not attached yet.   That part that will be screwed into the body of the implant is called the abutment.  The abutment is what you see coming out of the gum and is what the crown is cemented to, just like your natural tooth. 









Here we see the OCO implant in place without the abutment.  A cover screw will keep the inside of the implant free from debris while it heals into the bone. 





Of course we are not going to let our patient walk around without a tooth.   A Hawley retainer being used to hold in a denture canine tooth that covers the implant during the healing process.





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Mini Dental Implants Can Replace a Broken Upper Tooth with a Fixed Porcelain Crown

What do you do when an upper tooth that has had a root canal just breaks one day?

Broken upper tooth

Broken upper premolar tooth.  The root is fractured under the gum tissue.







X ray root canal Extraction

X ray and extraction of the broken tooth









OCO mini dental implant


The broken tooth is removed carefully to preserve as much bone as possible.  A OCO Biomedical 3.0mm mini dental implant is placed the same day as the extraction.  With the design of the OCO mini implant it is able to achieve high initial stability.  Enough to place a temporary crown to shape the tissue during healing.








Oco mini day of placement


Clinical photo of the OCO Biomedical implant the day of placement.





Tissue healed

Tissue after shaping and healing with a temporary crown.  The temporary crown was removed to check healing…pink healthy gum tissue with no bleeding.  A standard crown impression will be taken and a porcelain crown will be made to fit over the mini dental implant.



Crown in place

Porcelain crown cemented in place over the OCO Biomedical mini dental implant.  The patient will brush and floss the mini dental implant crown just like any other tooth. 

With a mini dental implant there are lots of solutions that can be offered to patients.




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Dental Implants to Replace a Missing Back Molar

Are you missing a back tooth?  Then you should consider getting a dental implant.  A dental implant acts as the root of the tooth and can allow for a crown to be placed over the implant.  No need to grind down healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth for a bridge.

Before xray

X ray of my patient showing the missing upper molar tooth.  One option would have been to grind away healthy tooth to create room for a bridge.  The teeth on either side of the missing tooth would have to be drilled on for a 'crown' and that would hold in the bridge.

With a dental implant we can save healthy tooth structure by not having to shape the adjacent natural teeth.  In some cases it can cost less to do a dental implant and crown instead of a bridge.

L verdi OCO 6 x 6


Final pan x-ray of a OCO two piece 6mm x 6mm dental implant placed to act as the root of a missing upper molar tooth.



Healing cap


Clinical picture of the same OCO two piece dental implant with a healing cap.  This is the day of placement.  Notice the lack of blood or stitches or the gum having to be cut and pushed back.  This traditional size dental implant is placed in the same fashion as a mini dental implant.  Very little surgery, very little discomfort and post operative pain for the patients.  Because the bone in this case was very soft I decided to use a regular sized traditional two piece dental implant. 



3Minis #3


If the bone had been dense I could have placed multiple mini dental implants to support the molar crown as shown in this case.  Both solutions work and work well.  It is really a choice for the patient and dentist on what can be done and at what cost (economic, time, and potential discomfort).




This implant will heal for several months (12-16 weeks) before we can 'load' it with a crown.  In the case shown above with the mini dental implants because there was good dense bone I was able to place the crown over the implants in 3 weeks.  The mini implant crown has been in function now for over a year.

I will continue the post to show the abutment (the part of the implant that comes up out of the gum for the crown to attach to) and final porcelain crown.

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OCO Mini Dental Implants An Easy Procedure to Replace Missing Teeth

Mini Dental Implants have become a popular choice for patients who are missing teeth to replace them with fixed crowns.  This cost effective procedure allows many patients to move forward with dental implant therapy that otherwise would not.  These crowns are just like a crown that would fit over a natural tooth.  The mini dental implant acts as a new root for the crown to attach to.

Pre op thin ridge


Thin ridge of bone on the lower jaw where the canine and premolar teeth have been missing for several years.  Without teeth, the ridge of bone will resorb away in height and width.  A mini dental implant will keep that bone from deteriorating and will serve as an anchor for a crown or bridge. 



Kathy Gordon Pan Pre


Pan x-ray showing the missing teeth on the upper and lower jaws.  My patient was very nervous about the procedure and wanted to start with two dental implants on her lower jaw.


OCO 3.0 in


In 30 minutes we had two OCO 3.0mm mini dental implants in place ready to take a impression for First Impressions Dental Labto make two PFM crowns. 

The placement procedure is very simple.  No flap of gum tissue is made.  No real surgery to do.  No fracturing and expanding the bone.  The design and engineering of the OCO Biomedical implants is consistent from the small size of 3.0mm all the way up to 6.0mm in diameter. 




They are dual stabilized and in good bone can be used immediately.  The tip of the OCO Biomedical Dental Implants have a bull nose design.  This pulls the bone up and places in under tension not compression.  This important fact promotes bone growth and healing.  Compression (small hole and forcing a larger dental implant into it) creates an environment of bone resorption before healing and stabilization.


Patel 1st imicro


X-ray with the two OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants in the lower jaw to act as 'roots' for two PFM crowns.  They will replace the missing premolar and canine teeth.





PFM 22 21 OCO 3.0mm


PFM crowns in place over the mini dental implants. The adjustments on porcelain will be polished out and re-glazed in the porcelain oven.  I will post a final picture at that time.






Kathy Final 20 21 OCO 3.0


X-ray of the crowns on the OCO Biomedical mini dental implants. 






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Mini Dental Implants Upper Fixed Denture~Bridge

Our next patient came to see us because she had some lower minis placed.   She could not stop talking about how she was now able to actually wear her lower denture and chew.  Wonderful….so what could I do to help her? 

I did notice that the entire time she was in the dental chair talking she kept gagging and several times her eyes watered up like she was getting ready to vomit.  Hopefully I was not that hard on her eyes that the thought of looking at me would make someone want to hurl…..

But after some questioning it was discovered that her upper denture just made her want to gag….no matter how many she had made, how much of the denture was cut back she just could not tolerate the buildup of saliva. 

She had seen a patient of mine that had mini dental implants and a fixed hybrid bridge (a set of teeth over a cast metal bar that is not removable by the patient.  It is cemented over the mini dental implants). 

Her words to me were "I'm confused; I want that fixed set of upper teeth not that fixed hybrid car thing you were talking about."  So I guess I did a poor job taking mumbo jumbo dental talk into usable ideas for my patient.  From now on I am going to start calling the fixed hybrid bridge what it really is:  fixed teeth for people who have no existing teeth. 

Fixed Hybrid Mini Prius

The total cost for the mini dental implants and fixed tooth bridge allowed her to move forward with dental treatment.  The other options she had been give prior would just not fit into her budget.

Intra Lock 2.5 x 13mm mini dental implants were used in this case.  4 were placed on each side for a total of 8 minis to support a fixed set of teeth.

Mini Dental Implant Fixed Hybrid

Photo day of mini dental implant placement….notice lack of bleeding and no gum had to be cut.

I will update the post with the metal frame, and try in photos in a few week.




Mini Implants ~ Traditional Implants ~ Extractions ~ Crowns & Bridges

Mini Dental Implants Case presentation of the week – Here is a patient that was referred to our office by another patient that we placed mini dental implants and restored the minis with crowns.

He had ALOT of needs.  But as with most things we see, I had some ideas and the patient had their own set of ideas.  With ample discussion and informed consent he decided to have a few extractions and some mini implants to support fixed crowns and bridges. 

X00601 Pre Operative Pan Xray

Doug Turner 001 Doug Turner 004 Root tips on lower left and Root tip Upper extracted today

 Mini Implants in place  

Doug Turner 007 Doug Turner 009 Doug Turner 014

X-ray of mini dental implants in extraction site and traditional implant immediate placement upper

X00601_1 X00601_2 X00601_3