Mini Dental Implant Crowns ~ Mini Dental Implant Bridge ~ Mini Impants Do they Hurt Part II

Ok…so more than 6 weeks have passed since the blog about the mini dental implants and do they hurt.  But the patient has finally come back and we took the impression for her crowns.  If you need to scroll down to the original post you can see the teeth that were extracted and the mini dental implants that were placed.

I really wanted to do some Porcelain crowns over the mini implants but $$$ were scarce in this case so a decision was made to use lab fabricated resin crowns.  I took a standard Poly Vinyl impression and sent the case to Shatkin FIRST LabIMG_7566.

Nothing new required for me as the dentist.  From there FIRST Labs places the mini dental implant analog into the impression and makes a replica of what is in the mouth.

IMG_7565 The following set of pictures are the resin crowns on the lab mini dental implant model.  I will take clinical photos of the mini dental implant crowns cemented in place in 2 weeks.

IMG_7567 IMG_7569 IMG_7571