Mini Dental Implant Training ~Education ~Seminars~Lab Consulting

Todd Shatkin DDS, the go to guy for mini dental implant education & the dentist who trained me, is having a 2 day advanced course in Las Vegas March 12 – 13. 

Dr. Shatkin asked me to present some cases in Chicago last week.  It was an honor for me.  Clinical cases that I did over the past year were shown to highlight what can be done with mini dental implants.   With the correct education and lab support from his father, Sam Shatkin DDS MD, I feel very confident that most conscientious restorative dentists can become good mini dental implant providers. 

I have been given the opportunity to speak again in Vegas and look forward to meeting everyone excited about mini dental implants and their ability to change the lives of both dentists and patients.


Mini Dental Implant Molar Crown ~One Mini Dental Implant per root Part II

As promised here are the photos for the mini implant crown to replace a missing molar tooth.  In this example of using mini implants for a crown 3 minis were used to replace the three roots on the missing upper molar.3MinisforMolarCrown

3 Intra Lock Mini Dental Implants in tooth #3 position

We have been using the iTERO dental scanner for 20 months now and decided to see how it would scan muliple mini dental implants.  I did take a traditional impression as a backup and also to verify the fit of the mini implant crown.  IMG_7597 IMG_7596

I discussed the case with Valdi at Shatkin FIRST Lab's and he felt like there should be no issue with the case using the iTERO scan.  He built the case just like any other one he does on a daily basis. 


iTero model of 3 mini dental implants


FIRST Lab Mini Dental Implant PFM Molar #3


Mini Implant Crown next to a standard crown


Mini Dental Implant Molar Crown Chewing Surface View


Mini Dental Implant Crown Side View

3Minis #3

X-ray of Molar Crown on 3 Mini Dental Implants