Snap in Denture with OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants

No ridge of bone left on your lower jaw?  Suffering with a loose ill fitting denture?  Tired of gluing down your denture and then still having it move around when you eat or talk? 

Then you should ask for Mini Dental Implants to help create a snap in denture.  In one or two visits you can now go back to eating the things that you enjoy.  Have the security of loose dentures not falling out when you speak or sing. 

Our next patient example is very typical of what we do.

Before oco micro


Lower jaw where the teeth have been missing for years.  The jawbone has been worn away by the lack of teeth and the lower denture constantly rubbing over the gum tissue.  You can see the ulcer in the gum tissue where the denture rubs the tissue when the patient is trying to eat. 





Example of a Mini Dental Implant.  There are several reputable manufacturers of mini dental implants such as OCO Biomedical, Intra Lock, IMTEC MDI, and HiOssen.  Any of these would be a good choice as all are FDA approved and have long term clinical success.









Existing denutre



Patients existing lower denture.  It is almost FLAT as there is hardly any ridge of bone for it to sit on.




Oco 2.2 micro denture

4 OCO mini dental implants in the lower jaw ready to hold and secure the denture with snaps.

These 4 mini dental implants were placed in about 30 minutes.  This case was a bit more difficult that most due to the extremely thin ridge of bone that was left.



Coe Soft Relline


Existing denture is relined with a soft material.  Normally I would fit the snaps into the denture the same day.  In this case we are making a new denture so I will let the soft reline material condition the tissue around the mini dental implants and will put the snaps in the new denture.



Doris OCO minis lowers


Final x-ray with the 4 OCO Biomedical mini dental implants that will secure in a snap in lower denture.



Paresh B Patel Dentist Mooresville NC

Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implant Bridge – Part II

Ok..after a few weeks of procrastination I have finally got the pictures off the digital camera and am ready to share the initial results of the Ken Clifford Fixed Mini Implant Bridge.

To read Part I scroll down in the main blog to the Ken Clifford Bridge Post.

To clarify, the acrylic bridge is totally mini implant supported; it is not tissue supported.  Every effort has been made to keep the bridge at least 1mm off the tissue to allow my patient to use a water pick to flush out any food that gets under the pink acrylic. 

IMG_7463 Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7465 Lingual view Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7468 Space under Acrylic Ken Clifford BridgeIMG_7462
IMG_7472 Underside of Acrylic Fixed Hybrid Clifford Bridge

The acrylic bridge cemented in place. 2 week post op picture.  The patient has been keeping the acrylic mini implant bridge clean with a water pick and a electric toothbrush.  I will continue to take clinical photos at the 6 month recare appointments and will share how the bridge functions, looks, gum health, and implant stability. 

IMG_7482 IMG_7488 2 weeks post insertion

Mini Dental Implant Upper and Lower Dentures made by First Impressions Dental Lab.  Mini Dental Implant Lab