Secure Mini Dental Implants~A System to solve most dental problems

Mini Dental Implants were originally used to Secure  lower dentures….but they can be used for much more.  From replacing a single missing tooth to replacing several missing teeth to a full arch of missing teeth with a fixed porcelain bridge. 

Mini Implants ranging in size from  1.8mm~2.0~2.3mm~2.5mm~up to 2.9mm.  Anything over 3.0mm gets in my mind into the traditional implant range. Some people will state that 3.25mm is the cutoff for a conventional implant to secure a 2 piece abutment system. 

To Secure a lower set of crowns on our next patient we used traditional implants to do the All on 5 concept. 

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 Pre Implant Pan x-ray

Post Implant Pan x-ray with 5 implants in place that will Secure the lower fixed porcelain crowns






Clinical photo day of surgery…full flap was made to find both mental nerve bundles.  The lower ridge had to be surgically made wider to accomodate a larger traditional size implant.  You can see from the photo the level of surgical skill needed to due such surgery.  It is quite different than placing a mini dental implant.  It takes a very talented dentist to do this kind of surgery on a daily basis.  I commend and compliment any dentist that takes the time to offer this kind of implant dentistry.  Although I did this case and several more; I question myself each time….could I have offered a different solution that would not have required so much from my patient? 


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The mini dental implant solution to Secure a lower set of crowns would be 8-12 of them.  With that much surface area the minis have the ability to absorb the force of chewing and can equally distribue that force over the entire lower jaw. 

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This case illustrates how we can Secure with Mini Dental Implants a lower set of Porcelain crowns.  As you can see from x-ray there would have not been room for a larger traditional implant without additional surgery.  That surgery would have been to flatten the ridge of bone or to lay a full flap similar to the prior picture and expand the bone.  Both would increase the cost to the patient….in terms of $$ and healing.  I have done this same concept on the upper arch as well to replace a denture plate with fixed crowns. 



To review, Mini Dental Implants do not replace the need for Conventional or Regular Implants….they just offer the patient another choice in their dental treatment.  Technology has made it possible to make a smaller implant out of the same dental alloy with the same surface coating as a larger implant at a reduced cost.  With this we now as Dentists should offer our patients ALL the choices from doing nothing and letting millions of patients suffer with missing teeth, to traditional implants that have the longest track history of success to mini dental implants that have over 15 years of success. 

Paresh B Patel DDS  Secure Mini Dental Implants

Dentist Mooresville NC

Academy of Mini Dental Implants First Journal

Many thanks to Dr. Bob Caseldine for getting the first edition of the Journal of the Academy of Mini Dental Implants published. For him it has been a labor of love and it shows.  Great Job!  With this new addition to the Academy I hope it encourages more Dentists to see the value that the mini dental implant has to offer for our patients who all too often suffer from ill fitting dentures and missing teeth.  Without these mini implants I just do not see how we can help so many patients who think there is no other option except to stay at home and suffer. 

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Mini Dental Implants

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