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Mini Dental Implants and Chewing Gum?

Yes that's right folks!  We encourage any patient that gets mini dental implants to chew more GUM.  Well Sugarless gum like Trident.  

Trident has something called XYLITOL in it.  This is an organic compound that helps to prevent the bad bacteria, Strep Mutans, from forming in the mouth.  With less bacteria in the mouth your natural teeth and your mini dental implant crown will be happier. 

Two well known research experts (John Peldyak DMD & Yukie Nakai DDS, PhD) have demonstrated in study after study that xylitol gum chewed right after meals or snacks greatly reduces acid formation and plaque growth. It also helps to enhance your own bodies protective factors such as correctly buffered saliva. 

The other point that is often overlooked about xylitol is that it is a natural compound. 

Xylitol also helps to reduce bacterial biofilm (that sticky stuff you feel on your teeth). Unlike other sugars (carbohydrates, xylitol does not link together to form polysaccharides). 


MINI DENTAL IMPLANT                  CROWN                                

PLUS    Bruxzir-crown EQUALS





So if you are missing teeth and want to chew again….consider mini dental implants to support a crown or several mini dental implants and a bridge to gain back your ability to enjoy food.   But in between meals and after snacks keep some sugarless gum, like Trident with Xylitol, in your pocket.  It will help  keep your new mini dental implant teeth as well as natural ones in good shape.  Paresh B Patel DDS

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