Mini Dental Implants ~ The Permanent Solution for replacing a Missing Tooth with a Crown

A mini dental implant is titanium root that One_body_index_img is placed into your jaw to secure a porcelain crown or bridge. Mini Dental implants are the perfect option for anyone who has lost their tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, a traumatic iinjury, or a failed root canal.  Mini dental implants do less trauma than traditional bridgework, since implants do not require Dentists of grind down the adjacent teeth.  Mini Dental Implants can create a natural looking result.  If you are teeth and would like to smile, speak and eat again with comfort and confidence, then consider Mini Dental Implants.  Long-term studies show great success rates for mini dental implants.


My next patient was missing one of her upper teeth.  Made her feel very self conscious when she smiled or was out in public.IMG_1753


Missing Premolar tooth and decayed premolar tooth behind it.




Before OCO

X-ray of the area of the missing premolar tooth.  A great spot for a OCO mini dental implant to replace the missing tooth with a fixed porcelain crown.






Pilot Bit

Pilot bit in place to check to see if the mini dental implant would line up in between the adjacent teeth. 






Space check


The one piece OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implant in place ready for a regular impression for First Impressions Dental Lab to make the Porcelain Crown. 


Lyndis ing oco #12


Final pan x-ray of the OCO Mini Dental Implant that will be used as the root to anchor a crown.





Temporary Crown made chairside to fit over the OCO Mini Dental Implant.









Final PA x-ray showing the OCO immediately stabilized implant. 






Paresh B Patel DDS  Dentist Mooresville NC

Dental Implants Charlotte NC

Extraction and Immediate Placement of OCO Mini Dental Implant

What are mini dental implants good for?  I would say lots of things; like immediate use, less cost than a regular dental implant,less trauma, less pain, less healing and more immediate satsifaction for both me as the dentist and the patient. 

Before OCO i-mini


Before a one piece mini dental implant, like the OCO i-mini and OCO i-micro existed, I would have been tempted to do some heroic dentistry.  In this case a post, crown lengthening and a porcelain crown.  In a few years this patient would be back in my dental chair with my crown in her hand and we both would be frustrated.









Pre Implant Therapy


Clinical view of the broken lower front tooth.  In this case even if I wanted to do a bridge it would have been a bad idea.  The adjacent tooth (the one on the left side of the broken tooth) was part of her bridge that extends back to the molar.





So off to the OCO Biomedical tool-chest of goodies that Chris Sanchez sent me.  I found a 3.0 x 16mm mini dental implant.  Ahh…..this would work well here.

With some Salvin Peritomes (sharp dental extraction instruments used to removed the broken tooth with minimal trauma) I proceeded to extract the root.Root extracted


Root out socket



With the tooth root out and the bone on both sides still intact I decided to continue with the OCO mini dental implant placement.





OCO twist drill

To be certain I was keeping in line with the adjacent teeth and roots I took a dental x-ray with the pilot bit in place.  Looks like we were in good shape to place the OCO mini dental implant.











OCO mini in


OCO Biomedical i-mini 3.0 x 16mm one piece dental implant in place with the machined collar right below gum level.






OCO mini in 2


OCO mini dental implant in line with the adjacent teeth.  In keeping the dental implant in the correct angle it would be easy to make a temporary tooth while the gum tissue healed.






Temp on


Temporary crown in place over the OCO Biomedical mini dental implant….about 20 minutes after placing the mini implant.







Temp on 2








OCO mini 3.0 x 16mmi


Final x-ray of the OCO mini dental implant.  I will have the patient come back in 4 weeks to check gum healing around the mini implant.  If all looks good an impression will be made and First Impressions Dental Lab will make a porcelain crown to fit over the mini dental implant. 


I will post pictures of the crown once it is in place.

Paresh B Patel DDS  General & Implant Dentist Mooresville NC

Mini Dental Implants

Missing Teeth Replaced with Mini Dental Implants & Porcelain Crowns ~ A technique from the Advanced CE Seminar

This is part II of the post Mini Dental Implants to replace a missing front upper tooth.  See recent posts for the history of the case.

Missing teeth    Minis in

Its been 4 weeks or so and the all Porcelain crowns are back from First Impressions Dental Lab to fit over the ACE Secure Mini Dental Implants. 

Front crown Zirc  Front crown ridge lap desing   Lateral crown 

                               Lateral ridge lap Mini Dental Implant Crowns


A scan was taken of the mini dental implants with a iTERO digital optical scanner and Jon Younce at the lab was able to plan the case in a all digital format to make Zirconium all porcelain crowns.

Itero model ACE mini dental implant Crowns on modelAll Porcelain Ridge Lap Mini Dental Implant Crowns. 


These crowns could be made over any mini dental implant (Intra Lock, IMTEC, OCO Biomedical mini, Hiossen etc…) 

I have often been told that it is not possible to make good looking anterior(front) tooth crowns on top of mini dental implants because of the ridge lap design.  Or without creating a emergence profile below the gum its not possible. 

Crowns over mini dental implants


I think the real issue is the patients gum thickness.  If the gum is too thin you see the gray halo of the implant as it comes out of the gum.  Even if you have a traditional implant with a two piece design and a custom fabricated ceramic abutment if the gum is too thin its hard to have room for the crown. 

So I like to have patients know before we place the mini dental implants if they have thin tissue type and what can be done to make the gum thicker if aesthetics is a primary concern. 

As with anything in dentistry….almost everything is possible…..its just how much time, money and effort the patient and doctor are willing to invest. 

Paresh B Patel DDS  Dentist Mooresville NC   Before after mini dental implants porcelain crowns

OCO Mini Dental Implants




The Mini Implant has Arrived ~ Dentures, Crowns, Bridges & More…

I think someone told me that Dr. Christensen said that in an article in 2006….well its been 4 years since that statement and the mini dental implant is good for lots more than holding down a lower denture.

Mini Dental Implants can stabilize lower dentures of course.  But they can also do the same for upper dentures.  However I think most Dr.s and patients are missing the boat if they don't think that mini implants can be of service in other areas.

Mini Implants I think have their best uses to replace missing teeth.  That can be in the form of a mini implant crown or a mini implant bridge. 

Broken Tooth & Missing Tooth

Our patient who has come in with a broken tooth that has had a root canal and a missing tooth behind it.  Great spot in my mind for a mini dental implant instead of removing the gold crown on the molar to place a bridge.  In addition the mini dental implant will…hold bone and gum tissue in place and remove lots of stress on a root canal tooth by not having to place a bridge.

Mini Dental Implant placed

I like to place two mini dental implants to hold a molar sized crown.   You can see how little tooth we have left on the broken down premolar. 

2 Intra Lock Mini Implants in this case.

But all mini dental implants work…IMTEC, OCO Biomedical, etc…

Mini Dental Implant Crown Picture

Porcelain to Metal Crowns in place.  The molar crown is on 2 Mini Dental Implants.  The premolar crown is on the root canal tooth.   

All in all I must say that I have been impressed with the ability of mini dental implants to solve so many issues for such a large set of dental patients. 

Paresh B Patel DDS – Dentist Mooresville NC

Mini Implants ~ Traditional Implants ~ Extractions ~ Crowns & Bridges

Mini Dental Implants Case presentation of the week – Here is a patient that was referred to our office by another patient that we placed mini dental implants and restored the minis with crowns.

He had ALOT of needs.  But as with most things we see, I had some ideas and the patient had their own set of ideas.  With ample discussion and informed consent he decided to have a few extractions and some mini implants to support fixed crowns and bridges. 

X00601 Pre Operative Pan Xray

Doug Turner 001 Doug Turner 004 Root tips on lower left and Root tip Upper extracted today

 Mini Implants in place  

Doug Turner 007 Doug Turner 009 Doug Turner 014

X-ray of mini dental implants in extraction site and traditional implant immediate placement upper

X00601_1 X00601_2 X00601_3 

Extractions ~ Immediate Placement of Mini Dental Implant ~ Socket Preservation

Interesting Case – Today we saw a young chap that was sent to us by his mother. She had 4 mini implants placed in her lower jaw to secure her denture some months back at our practice. 


He told me that he has not smiled in several years…sad story but when we took a look it was apparent why.

Michael Smith 001

Wow!  No wonder…well, we got him motivated with a patient education appointment, several periodontal deep cleaning appointments and then the big day for him….we would extract the 4 front teeth, root canal therapy on the 2  canine teeth and place 4 mini dental implants.  DFDB (Demineralized Freeze Dried Bone) was placed around the minis to keep the proper height and width of his gum and bone tissue. 

Our plan is to let the mini implants heal into the bone and make 6 crowns for the final restoration.  While the minis are healing and the body is creating new bone from the bone grafting material, the patient will have a temporary bridge made from chair side acrylic.Michael Smith 009

I was not completely pleased with the final picture (a few drops of blood and a sagging lip from the anesthetic)…but he jumped out of the chair when he saw his smile in the mirror. 

I will keep the case post going as the case progresses.