OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implant for a Molar Crown ~ 1/2 the Cost & 1/2 the pain

1/2 the time, 1/2 the cost, 1/2 to no surgery needed and less pain?  This is what my patient asked me. She said, 'Are you sure about this?'

She was reading from a poster in our office touting the benefits of mini dental implants.  I told her in most cases YES.  Well she told me….I don't really care about most cases I care about mine!

With that in mind we went to work.  Premini Yes I recognize the open margin on the molar behind the missing tooth.  The patient is aware and will address that tooth as time and $$ allow. 


X-ray of the missing lower tooth molar.  I had extracted a failing root canal tooth about 4 months ago and packed the extraction socket with some Foundation bone preservation material.  The area looked well healed and ready for some 'painless' mini dental implants.



Oco minis in molar

I gave her 1/2 a carpule (shot) of dental anesthetic and placed 2 2.2 x 10mm OCO Biomedical Micro Implants.  Less numbing than I give for a lower tooth filling. 


Oco impression caps mini implant


OCO mini dental implant impression caps in place to take a traditional impression.

Oco mini for molar




Final X-ray of OCO mini dental implants


Lab analogs oco minis


Lab model from First Impressions Dental Lab showing the mini dental implants and the soft tissue silicone. 





Oco mini dental implant crown Oco mini dental implant model profile


PFM Mini Dental Implant Crown to fit over the OCO mini implant




Although this case shows the use of a OCO Biomedical mini dental implant; it could have been done with any reputable mini (IMTEC MDI, Intra Lock MDL, HiOssen etc…)


OK…its been a few weeks and the patient is ready to get her crown. Here are the clinical photos of the mini dental implant crown over the OCO mini implants. 

Mini Implant Crown Molar















Mini Implant Crown Molar view 2 

Paresh B Patel DDS  General & Implant Dentist Mooresville NC

Mini Dental Implants


OCO Biomedical I mini i micro 2.2 & 2.5mm dental implant for fixed crowns~bridges~dentures

OK…since I first found about the OCO i mini (i micro)dental implant in the 2.2 and 2.5mm diameters I have been dying to try some.  A square crown and bridge head is just what I had looking for in the Intra Lock offering; but sadly enough they did not take me up on my suggestion. 

In my hands I find more uses for a dental implant less than 3.0mm in size so the OCO i micro and i mini were a welcome addition.  Each size comes in 10,12,14 and 16mm lengths and comes in either the square crown head or o-ball for denture use.  Another good point about the OCO micro implants is that they use the same Imtec MDI or Intra Lock MDL drivers.

Alright enough of the nuts and bolts of mini implant sizes and companies…they all work so use what you like I guess.  Now on to the main event.

My new patient came to see us to see if mini implants could help him either wear his upper denture again or to get rid of it totally and give him a fixed solution that he would not have to remove.  After the appropriate discussions, diagnostic xrays and records we decided on a cost effective solution….8-9 mini implants to support a fixed hybrid cement retained upper bridge (or in simple terms a bridge made of metal, porcelain or resin teeth, and pink acrylic to replace the missing gum tissue)  Even that is a mouthful to say (or put in!)  Although the upper ridge looked wide and felt like it should have miles of good bone his maxillary sinuses had pneumatized (enlarged sinus cavities with little bone present).  Mark Pre Mini Implant
OCO Biomedical mini implant size 2.5 x 12mm were used in this caseOCO imicro mini implant
Since I am used to the Intra Lock packaging where there is no finger plug on the mini I did not particularly care for it and made the insertion into the bone a bit cumbersome for me.  I think the Intra Lock mini implant direct to implant handpiece for insertion makes more sense.   OCO packaging

However in the end I do like the OCO product…the mini or micro implant feels sturdy and the thread pattern cuts and condenses bone very nicely.  By the 3rd one I had gotten used to the finger driver step before seating the implant fully with the implant handpiece.

I was able to get 9 OCO mini implants in place…a post op iCAT scan was taken to ensure that I got them in bone.  We reamed out holes in his upper denture to cover the OCO imicro implants. 

A PVS impression was taken in a duplicate denture we made in our Lang duplicating flask.  That way the lab has the correct vertical dimension for his bite, and a guide for his tooth setup.  Once the case is mounted the crown abutments will be adjusted in the mouth with a reduction jig for draw and room. 

I will post the impression, metal work tryin, final product soon.


Mark Post OP

Paresh B Patel DDS – Dentist Mooresville NC

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Mini Dental Implant

What do you do when its Friday afternoon and this walks in with a crying patient attached to it?


Well I looked in the tool box and thankfully I had a stash.  No not anything illegal but a stash of Intra Lock Mini Dental Implants from Shatkin FIRST Labs.  Jay Moore (the well respected and highly knowledgeable sales manager) had just sent me 24 mini implants in the 'Cash for Clunkers' trade in program.

The patient stated that the bridge was 'slightly decayed' for a while and that she had noticed some movement over the past few months.  Well from where I was sitting I don't know where the 'slightly decayed' came from… looked more like a stroll down the street in Anbar Province Iraq. 

I was able to tack mush to mush and took a pre op pan xray

  Pre pan


Of course I was drooling over the thoughts of Mini Implants everywhere for this patient!  But I had to slow down and go over all the options from

1. Do nothing…not really an option….but I have heard that patients can get creative with Super Glue!

2.  Extract and recommend a denture or partial.

3.  Extract and implants for an over-denture or implants and a fixed bridge.

4.  Extract and mini dental implants for a fixed bridge or mini implant retained full denture.

To my surprise the patient had done her homework and had come to see us specifically for mini dental implants and a mini implant bridge.

I told her lets's slow it down a bit.  How about we make it the first goal to take out the broken root tips and preserve as much bone as possible with some peritomes(dental instruments to extract teeth with less trauma to the facial bone).  Then see about placing some mini dental implants and for certain figure out how to make her a temporary bridge to wear while some healing occurred.

Minis all went in as planned.  She will return in a few weeks for a tissue check and I will update the photos. 

ICAT CT minis iCAT CT scan of mini dental implants in place for a fixed bridge







Pre post mini pansPost operative pan xray of mini dental implant in upper jaw for fixed bridge


Mini Dental Implants for Missing Laterals

One of the most prevalent dental conditions is missing upper laterals (about 10% of the population is missing these teeth from birth).  IMG_7519

Some of the time, even with orthodontics, there is not enough space to restore the missing teeth with traditional implants (implants with a diameter greater than 3.0 mm).IMG_7522

Most of the patients I have seen either have some sort of removable appliance or a orthodontic retainer with the two missing teeth on it.  The issue is that these teens don't really care to wear their retainer. 

Another solution, the bonded bridge, seems to fail.  While the bonded bridge works well on missing lowers, the clinical data shows that bonded bridges to replace missing upper laterals fail quite often because the central and canine tooth both move to different degrees under chewing function. 

One solution that works well in my hands is a technique that Dr. Todd Shatkin taught me….use mini dental implants.  The Intra Lock or IMTEC Mini Dental Implant can be threaded in between the canine and central.  This mini implant can then hold a crown in place that the patient does not remove.  


This photograph shows a Intra Lock 2.5 x 18mm mini dental implant to replace missing laterals.