Missing Teeth? Mini Dental Implants Can Help

Before web It is estimated that over 50% of Americans are missing at least one tooth (not including wisdom teeth or third molars). 

Some of these missing teeth can be in the smile area.  This picture shows a patient of mine that lost two of her teeth due to fractures in the root.  She did not like showing the large gap between her molar and her canine tooth.



For this case I selected a OCO Biomedical two piece 3.25mm dental implant.  The picture to the right shows the OCO ERI 3.25 implant being placed.  The bone was very soft and the two piece implant was allowed to heal without fear that it would get moved around by biting forces. 






OCO Biomedical ERI 3.25mm dental implant in place right below the gum.  The gold color you see is the collar of the implant.  I think it is a nice touch to mask the grey color of the implant.







The OCO Biomedical Implants with a solid abutment screwed in place.  The abutment is the part that is placed into the implant and comes up out of the gum for the crown to cement to.  This does add an additional expense but in some cases it is necessary. 





X-ray of the crowns made to fit over the OCO Biomedical dental implants.







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OCO Mini Dental Implants An Easy Procedure to Replace Missing Teeth

Mini Dental Implants have become a popular choice for patients who are missing teeth to replace them with fixed crowns.  This cost effective procedure allows many patients to move forward with dental implant therapy that otherwise would not.  These crowns are just like a crown that would fit over a natural tooth.  The mini dental implant acts as a new root for the crown to attach to.

Pre op thin ridge


Thin ridge of bone on the lower jaw where the canine and premolar teeth have been missing for several years.  Without teeth, the ridge of bone will resorb away in height and width.  A mini dental implant will keep that bone from deteriorating and will serve as an anchor for a crown or bridge. 



Kathy Gordon Pan Pre


Pan x-ray showing the missing teeth on the upper and lower jaws.  My patient was very nervous about the procedure and wanted to start with two dental implants on her lower jaw.


OCO 3.0 in


In 30 minutes we had two OCO 3.0mm mini dental implants in place ready to take a impression for First Impressions Dental Labto make two PFM crowns. 

The placement procedure is very simple.  No flap of gum tissue is made.  No real surgery to do.  No fracturing and expanding the bone.  The design and engineering of the OCO Biomedical implants is consistent from the small size of 3.0mm all the way up to 6.0mm in diameter. 




They are dual stabilized and in good bone can be used immediately.  The tip of the OCO Biomedical Dental Implants have a bull nose design.  This pulls the bone up and places in under tension not compression.  This important fact promotes bone growth and healing.  Compression (small hole and forcing a larger dental implant into it) creates an environment of bone resorption before healing and stabilization.


Patel 1st imicro


X-ray with the two OCO Biomedical Mini Dental Implants in the lower jaw to act as 'roots' for two PFM crowns.  They will replace the missing premolar and canine teeth.





PFM 22 21 OCO 3.0mm


PFM crowns in place over the mini dental implants. The adjustments on porcelain will be polished out and re-glazed in the porcelain oven.  I will post a final picture at that time.






Kathy Final 20 21 OCO 3.0


X-ray of the crowns on the OCO Biomedical mini dental implants. 






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Mini Dental Implant Bridge – Part II

Ok..after a few weeks of procrastination I have finally got the pictures off the digital camera and am ready to share the initial results of the Ken Clifford Fixed Mini Implant Bridge.

To read Part I scroll down in the main blog to the Ken Clifford Bridge Post.

To clarify, the acrylic bridge is totally mini implant supported; it is not tissue supported.  Every effort has been made to keep the bridge at least 1mm off the tissue to allow my patient to use a water pick to flush out any food that gets under the pink acrylic. 

IMG_7463 Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7465 Lingual view Mini Implant BridgeIMG_7468 Space under Acrylic Ken Clifford BridgeIMG_7462
IMG_7472 Underside of Acrylic Fixed Hybrid Clifford Bridge

The acrylic bridge cemented in place. 2 week post op picture.  The patient has been keeping the acrylic mini implant bridge clean with a water pick and a electric toothbrush.  I will continue to take clinical photos at the 6 month recare appointments and will share how the bridge functions, looks, gum health, and implant stability. 

IMG_7482 IMG_7488 2 weeks post insertion

Mini Dental Implant Upper and Lower Dentures made by First Impressions Dental Lab.  Mini Dental Implant Lab